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Workout Wednesday/Thursday

A little announcement: I am doing Project 365 again

this year. You may recall that I did this in 2015 and I really enjoyed being able to look at the photos last year. So if you are interested in checking out those photos as they happen, check out my Instagram: beazleygetsfit. I also plan on doing some blog posts about them as well!

The new year has got me all mixed up! I wanted this post to go live yesterday but it ended up not working out! So Here we go!

To catch up on last week’s Workout Wednesday post, go here!

Review of last week’s goals:

Starting weight: 159.2

Drinking 80+ oz of water. This is the water container that I use ( I have the blue one:)). It comes with a freezable insert that I only use sometimes. It definitely helps keep hydration up! — I would say that I hit this one on most days. Around New Year’s I think I didn’t hit it but I have been trying to drink my big water bottle once a day. Then I get home and try to drink a little more.

Eating whole foods with as little of processed food as possible. — I would have to say that I slacked a little bit on this one. I did do pretty good by limiting my out to eat sessions. Since I have a short week this week, I am hoping to getting back into meal prepping this weekend for next week!

Keep up with the Erin Stern program. This includes the cardio and abs part. On my days off, I may stay longer to put in more time as well in the form of walking or light jogging. — This I HAVE been doing. I have been up with this program and have done each workout like it says. I make some modifications in the order depening on how busy the gym is. I support people 100% getting back to the gym for the new year, it just requires a little rearranging on my side. 

cold doors in MN

This week:

Weight: 158.2. I am down one pound, wahoo! With New Years last weekend, this is definitely a plus. Just think what progress would have if I actually stopped cheating!! I am really trying to keep the thought that right now it will suck, but in Mexico and after that I can enjoy everything in moderation. It’s just right now, we need to get healthy. While some most say to not be focused on the actual number, I am. For right now anyway. Until I can actually get my eating under control. I know the weight I feel my best at, so I am focused on that right now. I’m sure my goals will change, so please don’t hate!

I am still going for the 80+oz per day of water. It can hugely affect how I feel and my workouts if I start slacking on water. How crazy is that?! 

Eating whole foods with as little of processed food as possible — still a part of my continuing goals. With New years last weekend, there was some processing chips and whatnot but it has mostly been not processed. Up until a couple of months ago, I hated zucchini. Any way you cooked it, I hated it. BUT I have had it in a couple of dishes and so far have been liking it. So I am kinda thinking of experimenting with some more veggies!

Keep up with the Erin Stern program. I am still working on this one as well. The Anytime Fitness located right by my house just opened up this week so now there really are no excuses! 

showing off them bicep

Get as close to 10,000 steps as possible. Since I work at a desk job (and live in Minnesota) this is harder to accomplish. I plan on walking the steps at least once in the morning and once in the afternoon. That helps keep the blood flowing and the heart rate a little bump. BUT last night I checked out the new Anytime Fitness mentioned above and stayed after my actual workout to run to get to my 10,000. I might have walked out of there with my confidence a little higher than normal 🙂



See you all in the next blog post! 

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