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Workout Wednesday

Phew. Last week was a rough one! It probably doesn’t help that we were pretty focused on getting ready for our friends to come to town (which was totally worth it).

I managed to get in 3 runs last week. Two less than the program calls for but all but one morning I was able to get Mya out for a walk. Cross training is also part of the program and I consider walking with Mya to be a part of that. My program says that walking is something that runners overlook. So Even though I only ran 3 days last week I would say that I got 4 good days in.

My first run for the week was 2.09 miles. I ended up with a 10:47 pace. Although this seems slow, this seems to be a consistent pace for me and I am okay with it. Each time I run, I try and push a little more on the shorter runs and I hope to add in some sprints to help with speed as well.

My second run for the week was 2.3 miles. I was able to speed it up a little bit and get a 10:34 split. I really felt this run. As I was getting to the end, I convinced myself to just pick it up a little bit which resulted in the shorter splits. Both this run and the first one I ran around my neighborhood. There is a section of the block that is a mile and I use that as my gauge. I also use the app RunKeeper to keep details about my run as well. I’m not sure how I feel about this app yet so I am going to have to report back!

My long run was done on Saturday morning. As I mentioned here, I woke up pretty early to see that the temperature was already at 74*. I decided that I had to get out to run now or I would make an excuse as to why I shouldn’t go. Well by the time I got out to run it was 76* with 81% humidity. It was HOT. I looked at my map and found a block that I thought might be around the 4 miles. I started running and I could feel the heat immediately. I was able to find a sidewalk that had shade on it, so I changed my plan a little bit and stayed on that until I hit about 2 miles. Then I turned around to head back to the house. I will say that it was a SLOW four miles. As I headed out and my phone notified me of the 5 minute mark, I knew that it was going to be slow and I made a goal to stay under 12 minutes for each mile….and I did it!  My splits were around 11:40. I did walk twice but I would say that it was about for 30 seconds total. Its a little hard to feel accomplished when you know you walked and it didn’t change the split time at all….oh well. We are getting there!

Since I was exhausted I took Sunday and Monday off of running. Last night I was able to get in about a mile and half with Mya Bear. At first she seems to not like it, but then once she gets in her groove she takes off. She is getting better but I will say that she still slows me down a bit. I find that I have to pull her if there is anyone outside or any animals around (including birds and squirrels). Tonight I plan on running an easy 2.5-3 miles. We will see how much time I have tonight.

So thats its for this Workout Wednesday!

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