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Workout Wednesday

Welcome back to Workout Wednesday!

Week 5 of Half Marathon training has started. Time is just moving so fast!

Today I decided to go with a different type of format so that the workouts will be broken down better and a little easier to read. Let me know what you think!

First of all, how is it that I only got in 3 runs last week?!?! I feel like I am missing one…

Annnyways. I got in three runs last week.


First run: I met up with the culprit who got me to sign up for this my friend Rachel to get in a run. We were able to get in about 2 miles. Weird things happened though between our apps. I use RunKeeper and she was using a Nike app. Now our distances were pretty similar but for some reason the paces were quite a bit off from each other. I think hers said that we ran 10:20ish per mile and mine said 9:47 per mile. We just decided to pretty much average it out and call it a day ha. We ran on Summit Ave in St. Paul and it was a really nice run. It was also a pretty fast run…and we were talking the whole time!

Second run: This was SUPPOSED to be my long run of 5 miles. As you can see, I did not meet that goal at all. We have some trails by our house that supposidly go all around Blaine but I just cant seem to find the connecting path from by my house to the rest of them (smh). So I decided to drive about 5 minutes from my house and run around that area. Thinking that since my first run of the week was good running somewhere new, this would be too. WELLLL it wasn’t. My head just wasn’t in the game. I felt super hot and just couldn’t cool down and it wasn’t even that hot outside! As I was running I felt that I was at about 4.35 miles, my phone came on and said 4.00 miles. I was DONE. I stopped running and felt so defeated. I walked back to my car and decided that I would try again on Sunday and that time I would get my 5 miles.

Third run: Even though Bill had no faith that I would actually get my run in, I headed out at about 7:45pm after a day full of food and activities. We had already eaten dinner but I waited about and hour and took off. This time I decided that I was going to find that connecting path and take it 2.5 miles and turn around. Well I still didn’t find it and ended up running through some nice neighborhoods. Although I was running on a pretty full stomach, the run was nice. The sun was already setting and was hiding behind trees making the run pretty shady. I ended up running .04 miles less than my first 5 mile run but ended up running a little bit faster.

I was able to stay under the 12 min/mile mark and keep it under an hour again! I really wanted to keep it under 11 but I have to make sure to take it easy to prevent injury. I remember multiple times during this run to tell myself that I could slow down because 12/mile was still a good pace. Ultimately my competitiveness kicked in and said, NO WAY JOSE! 
I have not run this week yet (boo) but will be running tonight. I have a feeling this week’s runs are going to be at the gym since the heat index is close/over 100 for the next couple of days. And who wants to run in that? Not this girl! This week we rev it up to 6 miles for the long run. I am nervous but at the same time excited. The feeling of accomplishment when you hit your goal is amazing!
In other exciting news, two friends and I decided to enter into the lottery for the Twin Cities 10 mile run in October. Here is some more information if you have never heard of this race. Long story short, you enter as an individual or a group, they close the sign up and a couple of days later you are notified if you are selected to run. If you are not selected two years in a row, the third year you are guaranteed to have a spot. WELL we signed up as a team – Purrfectly Paced, waited and got notified yesterday that we were selected!! 
So on October 9, 2016 we will be running from Minneapolis to St. Paul and finish just in time to see one of our friends finish running the marathon! I recently came across this blog post: What do you consider when choosing a race? By Hungry Runner Girl and it really made me think about the next race that I wanted to sign up for. Low and behold I found this one and it kinda hit the nail on the head. A little spendy but the swag? Awesome to say the least. I think I am actually looking forward to that one more than the Half Marathon (shhhh don’t tell Rachel!). 
That’s it for now!
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