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Workout Wednesday

How is it 2017 in just 4 days?! This year was a little crazy for me for workouts!

As you may recall, in June I committed to running a Half Marathon as well as the Twin Cities 10 Mile run. Now I was never a runner until I committed to running these two races. I felt so accomplished after finishing my long runs and completing that third time around the biggest block in the world. I also felt pretty accomplished after the races as well. I don’t plan on doing another half marathon but wouldn’t say never to another 10 mile run. The run was scenic, fun and at then end I didn’t feel like I was dying (which is always a plus)!

After running my races, I really missed lifting weights. So what did I do? I jumped right back into it! I participated in the Katy Hearn Fall Challenge 2016 and got some great inspiration from some amazing girls! The challenge ended right before Christmas so for the last week or so I was just doing some exercised that I really liked from the Challenge. I also started adding in HIIT, either on the treadmill or on the stair stepper. If you have never done intervals on the stair stepper, I HIGHLY suggest it. You will be a sweaty mess by the end, be warned. I was doing this until now because….1 MONTH FROM TODAY WE ARE GOING TO MEXICO!!! AHHHH!!!


If you saw yesterday’s post, I talked about how I started a new 4 week program that will finish just in time to head South. We will be leaving the last week of January and staying for 8 days. I cant wait for the sand and the sun. BUT this also means some bikini time. So DOWN TO THE WIRE TIME.

The program that I started is called Erin Stern’s Elite Body 4 Week Fitness Trainer (talk about a mouth full!). It is a combination of cardio as well as lifting. I have done this program at least once before and I really liked how strong I felt afterwards as well as the definition I saw. Now as you may or may not know, the working out is the easy part for me. The nutrition is the hard part. The eating is what actually gets me. Most times I think, life’s too short to skip that! But I feel like I have a new confidence inside of me to drop some weight. I would like to get down to 150 but that would mean losing 9.2 pounds in month and that is going to be hard! I have a feeling though that once I stop eating out and consuming so much sodium, it will help and I will get rid of some water weight.

So here is what I am looking at:

Starting weight: 159.2

Drinking 80+ oz of water. This is the water container that I use ( I have the blue one:)). It comes with a freezable insert that I only use sometimes. It definitely helps keep hydration up!

Image result for 80oz big freeze water bottle
Big Freeze 80oz Water Bottle

Eating whole foods with as little of processed food as possible. For example, this morning for breakfast I had a whole grain english muffin with an egg, egg white, 1 tbsp of mexican cheese and 2 oz of cajun turkey. It was really delicious honestly! For lunch I will be having some ground turkey with 1/2 cup of basmati rice and asparagus.


Not as good as the chinese place down the street but good for my waist 🙂 Dinner is up in the air right now.

Getting 10,000 steps in. Most days, since I am no longer running long distances, I don’t get past 7,000. My goals is to move more and eat less essentially. I have also started walking up and down the stairs at work to keep my blood flowing since I work at a desk.

Keep up with the Erin Stern program. This includes the cardio and abs part. On my days off, I may stay longer to put in more time as well in the form of walking or light jogging.

So there we go! I will update you on the next couple of Wednesdays with progress and how everything is going. I will also *probably* do a review-ish of the program. Talking about how it worked for me and the differences that I saw. Let me know if you want more information on it!

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