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Whisker Wednesday #6

This week is not going to be a typical Whisker Wednesday.

As some of you may know, our beloved Pekingese Pearl was put to sleep. Due to having a mass on her spine and several strokes, she was no longer able to move or eat/drink by herself. This all start a couple of years ago when we started noticing that on somedays she couldn’t move around as well or when the weather seemed to be drowsy, she was also. After learning about the mass on her spine and how it was inoperable, we tried to give her the best life possible. Of course our other dog, Prince, loved it because we couldn’t leave him out of fun things going on!

This last week my parents made the decision that it was time. It is possible that she had another stroke last week making it impossible for her to move at all. She was also going deaf and blind which caused her to not really trust anyone. While we are all sad that she has moved on, we know that she is up chasing her toys and loving the wind blowing through her fur again.

She was truly loved and I know that she knew that.

RIP Baby Girl <3

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