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Whisker Wednesday #4

Oofta it has been quite a long time since I have done a Whisker Wednesday but do not fear. It is here! So the last Whisker Wednesday post was about toilet training and what not. Well that has been over for quite some time. After realizing that Bruce was not going to the bathroom in the bathroom anymore but other places (his cardboard kennel and pillow bed), we decided it was time to bring the litter and litter box back. But I did find a good litter that doesn’t have any dust and holds up very well, so there’s that!

So an update on the little fella: Hes been doing good with the whole move thing. He absolutely loves playing in the snow so next time he goes outside I’ll definitely be taking pictures to share with you guys! After we arrived in our new place, Bruce was introduced to stairs (since we now have two floors in our place)…and he LOVES to dart up and down them <– which is good since he was getting on the fluffier side of the scale 😉 I have also invested in a couple of cat trees. There is one that we have in the kitchen and since our patio door is right there over looking a field…he loves sitting there! Who knows what creatures he can see?!

There is one thing that he has started doing that he was not doing before. He is attacking us. Before he would just do it when you pick on him but now its a guessing game. and before it wasn’t a hurtful thing it was more of a leave me alone thing. Now he full on leaps for your arm and sinks his claws and teeth in all the while rabbit kicking the heck out of you! If you are not quite sure what I am talking about…here is a perfect representation what what Bruce does. Now he sometimes does it while you pet him but usually its out of nowhere. And then he sits there with him mouth open and his ears back…evil. Sometimes I think he is pure evil. We are working on it because hes our baby kitty!

Other than that hes a good little fella. Here is a couple of pictures of him…Until next time!

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