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Whisker Wednesday #3

Time for a toilet training update!! So I was able to get Bruce to stop peeing on his blanket and bed (mainly because I took them out). He is now fully peeing in the toilet thing. BUT now he has this fear of pooping in it. IDK what his deal is now.

We may have had a set back this last weekend as we took him to The Happy Cat Retreat boarding where there is no toilet so he was going in a regular litter box again. So because I knew this before hand, I didnt remove a ring like I was supposed to. Not only that but they say to only remove the ring after 1 week without accidents…and we haven’t gotten there yet after removing the last ring. Only time will tell if he will get the hang of it. I can usually tell though when he has to go to the bathroom. He will go to the bathroom, sit and meow in there until we shut the door. Then he goes to the bathroom and meows when he wants to be let out. So that’s good? I’m not quite sure yet how I feel about it anymore but I am determined to get him used to this!

I know you can do it little man!!

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