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Weekly Check-In

Welcome back to weekly update y’all!

Bruce Update:

Bruce has seemed to go back to his old self. I can tell that he is losing weight by his little pouch. And I can tell that he is starving because all he does is meow and race to the cabinet where his old food was stored. I think hes expecting food when we go over there 🙁 Poor guy. It has almost been a month, so we will be taking him back in soon enough to see how his bladder is doing and see how his weight is. If he has lost weight we might be able to slowly add a little bit more food and possibly switch from wet to dry food.

Another thing that he is still doing is at exactly 4:45am gracing our presence with his meowing. We even got an automatic feeder thinking that he would go to that instead of coming to us. NOPE. Now we have started to lock him in the downstairs bathroom with some toys (throwback if you’ve been around for awhile) for about an hour. Girl needs her beauty sleep ya know?!

Weight loss update:

I have lost almost 2 lbs since last week…YAY! Now I am down to 155.2! I have not been 100% on my diet but I have been trying to make healthier choices! I have also found that when I make a sound breakfast choice, it helps me make healthier decisions later in the day. I usually eat either egg and bacon whole wheat english muffin or over easy egg (shout-out to Amy for informing me of the delicious way to cook eggs!) with bacon.

I have also upped my cardio game. Sprints or the stair stepper with some light weight/high rep weight lifting. My goal right now is to lose 5 lbs by my birthday (Aug. 1) which is totally possible. I just have to commit to eating right and consistently working out. I also think that once I actually put 100% into meal prep, that would help tons. It also helps that every morning my motivation (my dress) stares me in the face. I WILL FIT INTO YOU!

Wedding Update:

This last weekend was actually a productive one for the wedding front. Both Bill and I went up to Brainerd to hang out with my bestie, Amy. We had planned this weekend quite a long time ago to go over some wedding things.

So what made it productive?
Well we were able to decide that instead of painting some frames that I got from a friend grey, they are staying black. We also decided on some centerpieces. With a little inspiration from a post I found on Pinterest, Amy and I got busy with creating some masterpieces. I posted a picture on Instagram but I will post it a sneak peak on here as well.

On the left side are the centerpieces. I was able to find the tall candles at Dollar Tree and we went to JoAnn fabrics for the glitter tape. Such an easier task than dipping the candles in glitter. Also each one of them will be a little bit differently which I love! They will also be dark grey, light grey and sparkle. Then the color page book that is on the right will also be part of the centerpieces. We will be cutting hearts out of the paper to put on the tables for that “pop of color”. Its going to be awesome. Can’t wait for all of the pictures after the wedding! So much color!

That is really all for now! See yallz later!

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