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Weekly Check-In

Welcome back! Told you I would post today 🙂

Here’s the deal. As a way to keep myself checking in and upfront, I am going to be checking in on Wednesdays about different things. Eating health, wedding things, Bruce. Things that may go by the way side when we get busy. I also think that this will help me get back into my wedding dress (*fingers crossed*)!

Bruce Update:
About a month ago, Bill and I awoke so some weird howls and some strange squatting behavior outside of the litter box. He looked as though he was straining to go to the bathroom. It first caught me off guard since he hasn’t gone outside of his litter box since potty training (and we all know how that went…). I had to rush to work but once I got there, I called a vet. She stated that his life could be in danger and that he had to be brought in right away. So I rushed back home and took him to the vet. She stated that he was NOT in danger but that she wanted to keep him and give him IV fluids to help flush whatever was going on out. We took him home and ended up following him around the house with some carpet cleaner to get the stains out. He was just not back 100%.Then we took him back the next morning and the vet said that shed like to keep him another day. 1. thing wrong with this vet, overpriced. And she charged us more than we should have been. But what can you say, I’m not a vet.

Fast forward 2 weeks. Bill calls me saying that Bruce is peeing orange. ORANGE people. I immediately start looking at other vets as I didn’t have a good feeling about the first one (and boy was I right). I found one for him and Bill was able to get him in that same day. After some tests and reviewing his symptoms, it turns out that Bruce has Feline Idiopathic Cystitis. Long story short, he has a disease with his bladder and will have it the rest of his life. He also is a little overweight and that excels the disease by 100%. After the appointment, they gave us some medicine to give Bruce to help with his bladder and he is now on prescription food for the rest of his life.

For the last couple of months, Bruce wakes us up between 4-6 am by scratching the bed, the blinds and/or meowing – usually a combo of all 3 (he knows what gets on our nerves). Poor guy was probably telling us something was wrong and we didn’t know it. He is still doing it to this day but maybe (hopefully) he will stop soon. Hear that Bruce, mom says PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP. He is more of himself lately and I make sure to pay more attention to him and make sure that his litter box is clean.

Weight Loss Update:
When I weighed myself on Monday it said 157 (holy shi* i know). When I tried my wedding dress on for the first time in February it fit to a T. I needed almost no alterations. I was also 147 lbs. That was because I was totally depleted of food and water for 2 days <–not a great/fun way to lose weight btw. Between the dress and that number, I am on a mission. My first dress fitting is in a little over a month away. I am determined to fit in that damn dress. My first fitting is over 2 months out from my wedding, so I have to keep that in mind. I may end up pushing it back a week if I find that in 2 weeks I am no where closer to getting into the dress.

What have I been eating? I am so glad you asked!
In the mornings, I have been making an egg and bacon english muffin sandwich. Making bacon ahead of time in the oven makes this seriously very easy. On Sunday I made a big batch of healthier chili (with black beans, kidney beans, lean ground beef, corn and tomato sauce). It was actually delicious. I have been eating that at lunch the last couple of days. Last night I prepped some chicken and ate that last night for dinner and again for lunch today with some rice, sugar snap peas, ranch and water.

Obligatory Lunch Picture

Yes, I used to hate that hashtag. But now I dont because it is exactly what I need to do. I needed to lose some weight anyway, so this is just a good launch forward!

Wedding Update:
Holy man have things been just a rolling. We have 100 days left until our wedding. I seriously can not believe it has gone this fast. Here are the things that we have done so far (besides some of the obvious things):

  • DJ booked
  • Photographer booked and engagement pictures scheduled
  • Makeup and hair person picked
  • Meeting with venue scheduled for day of things and food
  • Groomsmen tuxes picked out
  • Invites and RSVP’s ordered/envelopes labeled (will be going out this week-eeeeeek!)
Here are some things that are at the forefront of our minds right now
  • Bride and Groom wedding bands
  • Centerpieces
  • Decorations
  • Flowers
  • Starting day of schedule
  • Getting coordinated with Day-Of Coordinator
  • Figuring out rehearsal dinner and Sunday brunch thing
  • Program and I Spy (cameras)
Im sure there is more but that is about it for now! 

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