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Weekend in Review | Thankgiving 2016

How has Thanksgiving come and gone already?! Its going to be December in 3 days. It just blows my mind.

How was your Thanksgiving/holiday weekend?

Mine was good. I ended up working 3 8-hour shifts instead of my usual 10-hour ones. I will say that it was amazing getting off work by 3:30 pm while it was still light out (I normally get off at 5:30 pm). Wednesday night we had some friends over to play Exploding Kittens. It was a good time but little sleep was had!

Thursday –

We headed up to Fargo. We took Mya with us so that she could enjoy some family time as well.

Road Trip

We got to my parents house around noon and my brothers, grandma and her husband were able to make it. After dinner, we also played some Exploding Kittens. We got a couple of games in while watching the football games. After about 4 games, we headed to bed.


My parents took us out for breakfast. Our food was pretty good and I’d have to say I have never had such a meaty meat omelette…if that makes any sense. I will say though that they must use a lot of butter because after about half of my hash browns, I didn’t want any more. After breakfast, we hit up some stores for a little Black Friday shopping. We stocked up on some litter (it was 50% off!!) and Bill was able to get a new Xbox One game. After those couple of stops, we headed back home. We were pretty exhausted and out of food, so we decided to meet up with a couple of friends at a new to us restaurant, The Muddy Cow. Now Bill was not up for going out right away but after eating the food, he thanked me. It was the bomb.com. Bill ordered the mozzarella sticks and it turns out that they hand bread these things. I had one bite but Bill said they were “the best motz sticks he’s ever had”.

They also have 2 for 1s all day, everyday. Our friends got the Chicken Queso Rolls (at the top of the menu) and said that they were really good. I went with the Best Buy Burger (not pictured) which was cheddar cheese, fried onions and cajun mayo. The burger as well as the fries were really good. We all decided that this was going to be our new meet up place since it was so good!


I went to they gym and got some stuff done before heading over to Bill’s parents house to celebrate Thanksgiving. The food and company was a good time but boy were we exhausted afterwards. So much to do in so little time, I tell ya!


I headed to the gym and watched a couple of episodes of the Vampire Diaries. In the afternoon, we tackled putting up our Christmas Tree and tackled ordering some holiday cards. We haven’t put a tree up since we got Bruce since he liked to climb up in it.

We decided to just try it this year. Right now it is in our living room with only lights on it. Bruce has tried a couple of times to go up the tree but I think he has figured out that its just not worth it. I guess me pinching him any time he tries to climb it doesn’t help either (hehe). After putting the tree up, I made some dinner and then headed out to do some errands. I was able to get some home stuff, holiday decorations and some groceries before plopping my butt back on the couch for an episode of Vampire Diaries.

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