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Weekend in Review | Memorial Day 2017

Happy Tuesday! I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend! While spending time and enjoying food with family and friends, I hope you took a moment to honor those who have paid the ultimate price while serving for our country.

While I do have some pictures from the weekend, my phone was mainly in my bag with no cell service. It was nice to disconnect for a little bit! Linking up with Biana and Tricia!

We headed to Fargo on Thursday afternoon to start the weekend. We arrived at about 7:30pm and headed to one of our favorite places, Moe’s Southwest Grill. Bill got a quesadilla and I got a chicken bowl. We both normally get burritos so these were both new to us! Highly recommend Moes! (pssst – they recently beat Chipotle for the second year in a row!) After dinner, we hung out for a bit before heading downtown to some of the bars.


After a very frustrating morning…we got on the road. My parent’s forgot a dessert dish at their lake place so we ran there before heading to my grandma’s house. She is pretty sick right now so I knew that I had to get up there to see her. Friday was really just a day for sitting in the car hanging with family. After dinner, we headed back to the lake to settle in for the weekend. We got back pretty late so we just hung out and then headed to bed.


I was able to catch a glimpse of the sunrise due to some robin’s deciding to attack themselves on the windows of the camper. I tell ya, if it’s not one thing it’s another! The morning was gorgeous though and we knew that we had to get out on the pontoon to try some fishing!

My uncle and brother showed up in the afternoon and we grilled some chicken for dinner. Marinating chicken in soy sauce (or alternative) and zesty Italian dressing = amazing. You should definitely try it! Then before we knew it, behind us a big storm was forming and we hunkered down in the camper for a bit. The picture above shows the sky after the storm. If you look closely there are actually two rainbows. And yes, those are wind mills in the background. #northdakotalife


The weather wasn’t really the greatest so we stayed in the camper for quite some time in the morning. After a bit, my mom and I headed into town which is about 20 minutes away. We ran out of quite a few things and just decided to head in to stock up. When we got back the guys were playing bags on the second level to get away from the wind. After lunch we decided to join them and ended up having a fire down there. We also ended up skipping dinner. Grr I was hungry so I snuck back up to the camper and had a wrap 🙂


A long drive home and relaxing. That really about sums up our day. We just wanted to get home and do nothing. Oh and also to sleep in our own beds.

Questions for you:

How was your weekend?

Any fun activities or events coming up for you?

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