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Weekend in Review | Hometown Family Reunion

Helllo everyone! Welcome back to Monday… Let’s talk about our busy weekend that we had!

This weekend was a bit of a crazy one. We drove a total of 12 hours to get to my hometown, Napoleon, ND for a family gathering.


I actually ended up leaving a little early on Thursday from work because of my stomach (talked about here). It didn’t necessarily hurt but I was just uncomfortable being at work. I was going to leave at about 2 but ended up being there until about 3ish. Then I headed home to relax. I wasn’t really able to eat dinner that night either. Ugh. Then I had Friday off (like normal) and was able to actually eat a good breakfast. This made me feel like I was actually getting somewhere. I had also started taking my probiotics again to try and help my stomach get over whatever was going on. I was also able to finish up The Santa Clarita Diet. Have you seen it yet? It definitely made me lol quite a few times. I met up with Bill for some lunch, ran a couple of errands and got our stuff ready to head to Fargo for the night. We were able to get out of town around 3:30 and made it to Fargo around 6:45. My parents took us all to Billiards (a pool hall and restaurant in Fargo) and we played some pool while enjoying a couple of adult beverages.


We were up pretty early for a Saturday since we still had a 2.5 hour drive to get to Napoleon. Mya was staying with my parents while we went to Napoleon. Really it was just easier to have her there and my parents enjoyed it! We had some breakfast and then headed back on the road. We made it around noon and were able to hang out with family that I haven’t seen in years and some of them haven’t even met Bill yet. It was a little different than we were expecting but it was still nice to get back to my roots and see family. The day was mostly spent playing some card games with some drinks here and there. Oh and some great food as well! Saturday night we staying with my cousin and her husband. They just built a new house and boy is it nice! My cousin and her husband were great hosts and we’re glad we decided to just stay the night.

*Sorry no picture since it was all driving and family time!


Sunday we got up and got ready to hit the road for the long trek back home. We said our goodbyes to my cousin and her family. Before we left though, we decided to go through Napoleon a little bit. Bill had never been their so we drove around and I explained all the different places and where people lived. It only took about 15 minutes since the town is so small! We got to Fargo around 11am and stopped at one of our favorite lunch spots, Moe’s Southwest Grill. It is like a Chipotle but IMHO it is so much better. I really miss that place (although I’m sure my wallet doesn’t)! Then we picked up Mya, talked with my parents for just a little bit and then headed home. It was surely a long day but it was nice to get home and not really do anything. We had some chicken in the fridge that either needed to be cooked or put in the freezer so I got a little creative for dinner. I covered them in some sauce and popped them in the oven @ 425* for about 40 minutes. The sauces I used were a homemade bbq sauce from our neighbor and a Parmesan garlic wing sauce from Aldi. It was pretty tasty!

Little crazy of a weekend but that is okay. It is always nice to see family and catch up! Especially when you don’t see them very often.

How was your weekend?

What is your current favorite TV/Netflix show?

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