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Weekend in Review | Father’s Day 2017

Can you believe that Spring is already come and gone and Summer “officially” starts tomorrow. The days also start to get shorter…but let’s not talk about that!

Also Happy Father’s day to all of those fathers/father figures out there!

Hope you all had an amazing weekend. I didn’t get too many pictures (and it’s a day late) but thought I would recap anyways!


I spent most of the day cleaning and preparing to have people over on Saturday. We decided to have a get together with Bill’s family (+ another couple that know the family) on Saturday for Father’s day.



We had an insurance contractor come out to our house to assess the damage from the storm. Turns out two of the side of our house have damage as well as our room. Now we will have to wait to see what our insurance company says they will pay for. I was also able to hit up a local home decor store called At Home and grab this picture frame. I was able to get a free 16×20 from Shutterfly a couple of months ago and we love this picture so much we wanted to frame it and put it up. The frame has gray and teal in it so it should match the colors of teal we having going on in our living room as well as our entry way. I also made a batch of brownies with a caramel layer on the inside. Also obligatory pics of the animals!





I got up to make the frosting for the brownies as well as make a dip for appetizers. I wanted to do something simple so I landed on this recipe. Before people came over I was also able to run to a couple of stores to finally upgrade our decor in the living room as well as some serving plates. This is what it ended up looking like! A++ for presentation!


After some apps, we started on dinner which was a mix of burgers, brats, corn on the cob, baked beans and chips. It was a joint effort and it turned out really well. Bill and I were actually in bed by 11pm!


Preeeetty much a lazy day <–like all Sundays Am I right?!. We spent some time watching The Real World Seattle: Bad Blood. And yes, we are still on an MTV kick. ps did you see the new season of The Challenge (season 30 – Dirty Thirty) comes out in July with a grand prize of 1 million dollars. We will be watching that one for sure! Other than that we sprayed our yard for some clover that is taking over and made some leftover burgers for dinner. I also got a delivery from a new favorite company, P’tula. I have been following leanmachine21 aka Sami Bossert for quite some time and adore her admiration for making fitness clothing with the Passion to Unite and Live Active (P’tula…get it?). She had a mini restock last week and I was able to snag a pair of mint Samis. I only tried them on this morning (and they fit quite nicely) but I haven’t had a chance to really see how they work in the gym. I will definitely report back!

This next week is a shorter week for both Bill and I. I stayed home yesterday due to a wonky stomach but am feeling much better! Then tonight I am checking out a new gym. Fingers crossed it’s a good one! Then on Friday morning, we head up to Walker for Moondance Jammin’ Country 2017. Moondance Jammin’ Country 2016 review here! This year has some pretty good bands so we are looking forward to some good times and good music. Looks like the weather is also supposed to be a little cooler which is A-OK with me! Sweatshirt weather > Hot as balls weather 🙂

Hope you have an amazing week!

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    Susie @ Suzlyfe
    June 26, 2017 at 9:42 pm

    Love the color of those tights, and I love your grill sesh! Sounds like a perfect summer moment!

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