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Weekend in Review | Family Holiday Party

Happy Monday everyone! Since I haven’t done a weekend in review in quite  long time, I thought I would share our weekend with you all!

Since I don’t work Fridays, my weekends start a little earlier than most!


 I dropped Mya off at the groomer and then headed over to get my oil changed and brakes checked. The oil change only took about 40 minutes so I was able to head out to do some errands before picking up the pup. We were able to reschedule our family holiday party for Saturday the 21st so I had some last minute things to pick up! I headed to Costco and a couple of other places before getting the call that little miss thang was ready!

She looks like a completely different dog after going to the groomers! We go to All 4 Dogs Grooming in Blaine, MN if anyone is interested!

After picking Mya up, I headed home to eat some lunch and prepare about 6.5 lbs of taco meat. We decided on a Mexican theme which included a taco bar and some enchiladas with refried beans and rice as the main meal. For apps, we had chips, salsa, veggies, taco dip and mini chicken quesadillas. The rest of Friday was a combination of the gym, a couple more errands and some cleaning.


My family was coming down from Fargo so we knew they had a little bit of a drive before they would get to our house. I got up around 8, pre-made the enchiladas ( so that all I had to do to serve was pour the sauce on and stick them in the oven) and then headed to the gym to get my sweat on. After that we got ready and started getting everything out. Everyone arrived around 1 pm and the part started ha! Although the time went really fast, we enjoyed it all! Everyone had a great time and by 10am we were all wiped out!


We got up and hung out for awhile before heading out for some breakfast. We decided on IHOP and considering I haven’t been there in years, it was really good! After breakfast we said our goodbyes to my family and headed back home for some relaxing. Tacos were for lunch and I even had them for dinner again. We had so much meat left over that I ended up putting some in the freezer. I think that was the best idea since one person can only have so many tacos ha! Also, since we are heading to Mexico on Saturday, there is no way we would have been able to go through it all! In between lunch and dinner was a whole lot of nothing. I did get some pretty cute pictures of Ms. Mya though.

I should have gone to the gym/went tanning/gone through my things for Mexico but I guess the perks of having Fridays off is that this week is the same! So I’ll get quite a bit of stuff done on Friday, I work better under pressure anyway 🙂

I’ll be doing one last check in on Workout Wednesday (that will cover the last two weeks) before Mexico so I will see you then!

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