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Weekend in Review | Back from Mexico

I can’t believe I am back already! I barely feels like I left (insert crying emoji). It was a blast and I plan on having a post up later this week with a recap. For now, I let you know what we did yesterday since that was the only day home.


We did NOTHING ha! Our bags are still laying in a couple of different rooms of our house actually. We both just felt too exhausted. I did, however, get my butt up and went to the grocery store since it was preeety bare. We also picked up this lovely girl from Bill’s co-worker’s house since she was watching her.

She was pretty excited to see us and they were sad to see her go. They have a younger son (around 6ish) that had a pretty strong bond with Mya so there were some hugs and goodbyes from him. This picture was after about 5 minutes in the car. She slept all day as well (she must take after us)! Neither Bill or I wanted to get back to adulting today but what do you do?! Until my post later this week, here are some pics from Mexico. 

Thanks for stopping by! See you soon with a full review!

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