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Weekend in Review | A Week Stay-Cation

And just like that, my week of stay-cation is over and I am starting my new job today. As I mentioned in my last post, I decided to accept a new job. I was pretty happy with my job but knew that there really was no room to grow. Due to this, I knew that I wanted to look to see if I could find a company where I could grow. I also missed being out in the community. Most of my jobs that I have held have been working with community resources and partners. Working for the Section 8 department, I was not in the community at all. So now I will be working with veterans again (as I was doing in Colorado) and am excited to be back in this field!

Now lets get back to the week off! We were actually quite busy last week. On Tuesday, we attended the NDSU Alumni Twins Game. We met up with another couple and even thought the Twins lost, it was a great time!

On Wednesday, we met up with some friends for Bingo. Normally Bill and I aren’t able to make it but since we were both off, we could! Out of the 8 games that we played (there were 8 of us), our group won 4 of them.

On Thursday I spent some time trying to figure out a closet system for our downstairs spare room. It is not considered a bedroom so we have mostly storage things in there right now. On one wall we just have shelves but they are really not doing it for me. There is no real way to get things organized and I want more of a system instead of things just sitting on a shelf. I went to a couple of different places but ended up not really coming up with any answers.

I’m thinking I need to do some Pinterest hopping/shopping to find more of what I am looking for. Then we decided to go to a local bar and grill for their Lipstick and Lace night. Essentially a ladies night for their bar part. The atmosphere was definitely more club-ish than we used to these days.

On Friday, Bill and I headed out on the boat to do some fishing. Bill’s dad has a boat and hasn’t been able to use it so he suggested we store it and take it out whenever we want. So we did just that! We ended up catching 3 fish and then called it quits.  It was over cast and a little drizzly so we were only out for a few hours. We ended the night with some Olive Garden and Empire.

On Saturday, we surprised our good friend, Leah, with a paddle pub and later a surprise party. She didn’t know about the party but was told Saturday morning about the paddle pub. I headed to Crossfit at 9 and then rushed home to get a shower in before heading out. We headed to Lake Minnetonka and joined up with them at about 11am. Our Captain was running a little behind so we didn’t actually head out on the water until about 11:20am. We went around a part of the lake for about 2 hours and then made our way back to the dock. Afterwards we had a couple of appetizers before heading back to Leah’s parents house for the surprise party.

The party was a good time and a big thanks to Bill’s parents for coming over last minute to help look after Mya! We stayed way to late and I drank way to much, but it was still an awesome time. I have actually been thinking of laying off of alcohol for awhile. This last week was a lot of it and I really think my body could use a detox from all of it. I also think that not drinking for the time being would really help my Crossfit game as well.

Actually…now that I think of it I don’t think I have talked about the whole Crossfit thing. Well I have joined and I will do a little more of a recap on Wednesday!

Here are some more animal pics for you!

Hope this last week and weekend were wonderful for you, thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you soon!

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