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Weekend in Review | Home Projects and Spring Cleaning

Phew, what a weekend! How was yours? Ours was good! We were able to enjoy some of the weather outside and gets some house projects done as well!


Before heading out for the day, I attempted at making a coffee protein shake and FAILED pretty hard. It is for an upcoming project and let’s just say I need to try the whole thing again. Good news is that my stomach did not have any reaction from it so that’s exciting. Mya had a vet appointment bright and early for her yearly exam and some shots. She was a little nervous but she did really well. The vet was also great. She entered the room and got on the floor to allow Mya to sniff her and check her out. She got a clean bill of health! After the vet, I ran to Costco and was able to pick up some much needed things. I have been trying to get into wine/find a type that I like recently. I picked this one up and decided to finish it with dinner. It was pretty good!

We had some burgers for dinner and then decided to go out for a bit. The first place we checked out was a local brewery called Hammerheart Brewing Company.

We didn’t get there until about 9pm and they close at 10pm. There was only 3 other customers in there. The beer was good though! I think next time we will go in the afternoon on a Saturday or something. On the way home, we hit up some other places but we wont be going to those places again. The drinks were just terrible. 
Bill was up early to head out to the golf course. I cant don’t golf so it was just me and the animals. I got some cleaning done and picked out a paint for our service door for our garage. I also found a kitchen that has inspired me for our own kitchen at Lowes, so that was pretty exciting! After Bill got done golfing they invited me to meet up with them for lunch at a local place called The Roadside Bocce Club. Bill and I had just talked about this place on Friday night so it was a crazy coincidence that we went there for lunch the very next day. The atmosphere was cool and the drinks and food were great. The service on the other hand was HORRENDOUS. We will probably go back but when it takes 10 minutes to get a beer after you order it and the waitress comes by to ask if we are done, we say yes and have everything neatly piled to be taken…and leaves our empty dishes there, like come on! Then after I left the guys and Bill stayed to take care of the tabs. Turns out she had to come back over and ask what everyone had because she couldn’t remember…yeah idk. Then we headed out to Elk River to celebrate a friend’s 30th birthday. The weather was so nice so we were really glad we were able to enjoy it. 
There was a playground right behind where we were and one of our friends decided to go down the slide. You can kinda see him up there. All of the kids left after he went up there. Not sure if they were scared or just didn’t want to be there any more. 
We got up bright and early as Bill’s parents were coming over to help with some house projects. Bill’s mom volunteered to paint our service door so that is why I was searching for paint on Saturday. I decided on a blue that would offset the other blue wall but wouldn’t be too crazy. I went with an Olympic color called blue by you. It is a little lighter than I thought it was going to be but I like it! It is a lot better than the old, dirty off white that it was before. 

Bill and his dad were also able to put an outlet in our utility room downstairs, put a light over our stairs in our garage and take town the basketball hoop outside. We then decided to take a breather and talk about putting in a little sitting area in the front of our house and the ideas for a garden in the back yard. Then we headed back into the house to clean our windows. We have storm windows on all our windows so instead of 2 windows we have 4 windows. 
It was a process to do only the master window and the upstairs patio door but it was worth it! Then we thanked Bill’s parents by serving some dinner. I got a good deal on a boneless pork loin so I threw it in the crockpot with some spices at 9am. I served it with some coleslaw, French bread, homemade mac and cheese and salad. It sounds like a lot but it was just what we all needed after a busy day!
All in all, it was a good weekend!
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