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Twin Cities 10 Mile Run Recap

A long time overdue, I know. But late is better than never right?! 😉

On Sunday October 9th, I took part in the Twin Cities in Motion | Medtronic Marathon Weekend by running the 10 mile run. If you missed it, I started training for my half marathon back in June and signed up for this one in July. Check out my half marathon recap here!

Now back to the 10 mile run! Although I am not a huge fan of races on Sunday, I was really excited for this race the whole week before. Since I knew that I had already ran my half marathon, I had a good feeling about this race! I ran with two other friends, Rachel and Kelli. It was a balmy 38* so I knew that I had to choose my outfit carefully. I picked up a headband from Target and this bright yellow long sleeve in my photos below. I know you shouldn’t wear anything new on race day…oops! The race started at 7am in Minneapolis so I knew that I had to be there pretty early to make sure I was on time. Bill and I were up around 5:00am so I ate an english muffin with some honey and peanut butter. So. good. I made it there around 6:10am and felt like I had a good amount of time to spare. I hit the porta potties and grabbed some coffee. I didn’t actually drink the coffee, I just wanted it to keep my hands warm 🙂 This race was a lot better organized than my half marathon. There was music playing and everyone seemed to be in a good mood, despite the utter coldness.

We all met up and were able to take some “before” pictures. There were three corrals and we all lined up in the last one. We started a little bit late but I think that is because corral one happened on time and then they gave them time to get out running. We ended up taking off around 7:20am.

The picture above is us walking up to the starting line. We had to walk down a street and then turn the corner to actually get to the starting line. There was music playing and everyone seemed to be really excited to start. Rachel and I started together but after about mile 3 she took off at a faster pace. At about this time is when I tore my headband off due to being so hot. Then at about mile 5, Kelli caught up with me and we ran together until about mile 8. Our husbands/ fiance were around mile 6/7 so it was nice to see them! Then they headed to the finish line. After that I had to walk a little bit due to some stomach issues. I always think Powerade is a good idea mid race but it never is. Make a mental note this time Ashley! My goal was to run the race in under 2 hours, and I did it!

The ending of the race was downhill and I booked it. Although I think I thought the finish line was a little closer because by the time that I actually hit the finish line, I was gassed! At the finish line they gave us these aluminum blankets and had different food/drink options. I grabbed a water, mini salted nut roll, chips, little chocolate milk and some chicken broth. I didn’t think the broth would actually be appetizing but it turned out to be exactly what I needed. The only thing that we didn’t really like at the end was that you had to go quite a ways around the event to actually get out. I get that they want an area for runners only to kinda cool off and get themselves back together, but when you just wanna get out of there it got a little frustrating.

The metals were really cool for this race. The silver part of it is actually quite heavy and has a space on the back if you wanted to get it engraved. After getting home, I relaxed on the couch and didn’t do much. My race days are definitely lazy days!

All in all I really liked this race but I will say that I don’t think that I will ever do it again. I also said kinda the same thing for my half marathon but I know I won’t do that one again. I think this girl is sticking to shorter distances from now on!

So what now?
I have actually been running a little bit but have shifted my focus back to weight lifting. During my training, I could see that I was losing some fat on my upper body but gaining muscle in my legs (which led to no change in the scale). While I enjoy that, I want to work on getting my strength back. I will still keep running but not to the extent that I was before. 30-45 minutes is good for me. I am also enrolled in the Katy Hearn Fall Challenge right now. It is mostly weight lifting and she provides you with the workouts to do. If you haven’t heard of her, you should check her out here. She has made some amazing progress, is a great coach and is just real and down to earth. Not to mention she is B.E.A.UTIFUL!

Well that is all for now! See you soon!

Any races you are looking forward to or have ran recently that you enjoyed? 

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