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So I’m sure you came back today just to see what that picture of yesterday’s post was all about. Well I’m going to tell you right meow.

Well lets go back to the last Semi-Annual Sale that Victoria’s Secret had (its okay, we’ve all been there and maybe spent too much money). As I was browsing the bra section and came across a yellow sports bra (the bottom one in the picture). It was on sale and I thought hey, this is a good deal and its exactly what I like in a sports bra! Well $38ish dollars later, I had a new sports bra.

Now come back to me people! Now just a couple of weeks ago, I went to TJ Maxx and browsed the workout gear (like I usually do). Low and behold I came across a pink sports bra (top bra in the picture) that looked very familiar.

Now back to Sunday (keep up, I know you can do it).

Here’s the picture again

As I was getting ready to head to the gym on Sunday, I pulled out a couple of different sports bras…or so I thought. Both of them have padding and have pretty good support. The both have a pretty good wicking material. Wait I know they are different brands, so whats the difference you ask?

There really isnt a HUGE difference…except the price tag!! Before I tell you the price I will tell you a little bit about each one that sets them apart from each other. The Victoria’s Secret sports bra (yellow) has metal strap adjusters and a little thicker of a fabric where as the New Balance (TJ Maxx) one has plastic strap adjusters and a little thinner fabric. But they both have the same line pattern on the bottom of the bra, they have the same strap system and layout and they feel exactly the same!

So now to the price tag:
Victorias Secret: $38.00 (on sale)
New Balance (TJ Maxx): $14.99

Whhhaaattt?? Thats a huge difference! Now I know that not all TJ Maxx places carry the same items and that every store is different but I am for sure going to be picking some more of the New Balance ones up since they are cheaper and provide the same exact purpose.

Just thought I’d share this little insight and maybe save you ladies some money!

Until tomorrow.

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