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Thoughts for Thursday

Welcome back to Thoughts for Thursday!

1. This week’s weather has been gorgeous! I dont know what mother nature is saving up for but I have a feeling that soon it will be back to muggy and hot!

2. I am STILL exhausted from the last couple of weekends. Have you ever had the feeling that no matter how much you sleep or relax that you just cant seem to catch up? Because that is exactly how I feel. I slept almost 8 hours last night and I still feel pretty exhausted! Hopefully tomorrow I can get a good sleeping in sesh since I am off of work. Fingers crossed!

3. We are heading up to my parent’s lake place for the long weekend and bringing Mya along. It should be an interesting trip since she has never been in water before, been on a boat or had that much freedom. My parents will be bringing their dog and my uncle will also be bringing their two dogs. Mya will be the biggest dog by far but I am hoping that she gets along with them. With this opportunity, we decided to invest in a “training collar” for Mya. I know there are controversial thougths about this so I am going to keep it short. We plan on using the vibrate to help Mya get to know boundaries. She is a pretty smart dog so I have a feeling that she will catch on pretty quick! The other test is going to be the drive up there. It is about a 5 hour drive from where we live to the lake spot. Mya seems to do well in car rides so we are thinking that she will be just fine!

4. I am planning on doing my long run tomorrow morning. And by long run I mean my 4 miles. My goal is again to get it under 12 minutes/mile. It is really not about speed for me right now. I will recap this week’s runs and workouts next week in Wild Workout Wednesday so make sure to check back!

5. I received a coupon for Ulta in my email due to being a platinum perks member (dont judge me!) that is 20% off (almost) no exclusions. I have cut way back on buying makeup so I use these coupons as my way of stocking back up on things that I am running low on or things that I am going to need anyway. As of right now my list has: a foundation (or 2), eyeliner, shampoo, conditioner, clarasonic brush head..and I think that is it for right now. I end up spending some time in Ulta for these coupons since I know that I can always return items if I don’t like them.

As usual, I am linking up with Amanda from Running with Spoons!

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