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Thoughts for Thursday

1. I have been exhausted all week, I better not be getting sick. Or I might just punch something. I have felt this way for about a month now. I am thinking that I need to re-evalute my eating habits and vitamin taking. Since I don’t drink milk or orange juice or eat any oranges, I’m thinking some Vitamin C would do my body good. Good thing I got some airborne lingering in the house!

2. Every Tuesday and Thursday, there is a Farmer’s Market that sets up shop down the road from my work. Although it is not very big and consists of mainly vegetables, it forces my butt out of my office for some fresh air. Deanna over at The Live Fit Girls had a really great post on Farmer’s Market Tips. Go check it out! Recently, I have been buying our veggies there. So far I have bought potatoes (both red and multi colored fingerlings), sweet white and red onions and green beans. Last night I made some of the fingerlings and green beans. They were really good! They also have some amazing flowers. Here are some pictures I took yesterday:


Aren’t they just gorgeous?! I bought some for a friend’s bachelorette party a couple of weekends ago and they lasted the whole weekend AND they started opening up more. They are also only $6 for the bunch and some of the stands give you quite a big bouquet. At a store they would be at least $20!

3. This weekend we are headed up to Fargo for a wedding of a dear friend. We are staying at a hotel and are looking forward to not having to do anything for the wedding. It has been quite some time since both of us have been able to just go to a wedding 🙂 We will also be using Rover.com again for Mya. We are using the same person we did last time and will be dropping her off bright and early on tomorrow morning. Then we will be heading up to Fargo and stopping at some of our favorite spots on the way. I’ll share more on Monday.

4. Which leads me to MONDAY IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!

Yay! We don’t have anything too crazy planned. We will probably hit up our favorite eating spots ( + some others) in Fargo this weekend and on Monday we are going out for dinner with Bill’s parents. So on Monday I will be doing a little bit of a weekend recap plus a look back at year 25. I will either be doing that on Monday or Tuesday. Not quite sure yet. Don’t want to have the posts being to lengthy around here!

As usual, I am linking up with Amanda from Running with Spoons!

Your turn:

Any Farmer’s Market tips?
Any good weekend plans?

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