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Thoughts for Thursday

Welcome back! And nice to see you again Thursday! I am more excited than most for Thursdays since I don’t work on Fridays 🙂

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1. With the 10 mile run last weekend and my preparation for it (laying around relaxing), I ended up not switching over my blog. Hopefully this weekend, I just sit down and DO IT even though we have plans to head up to Fargo for the NDSU football game.

2. If I haven’t mentioned it before, both and Bill and I are NDSU alumni. Him 2011 and me 2012.

We have also won the National Championship the last 5 years in a row….#NBD The last couple of years we had Carson Wentz on our team. If you don’t know who he is, he is the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles and has made a name for himself already being a rookie. We also beat Iowa State this year and we beat Kansas State last year, even though we are not in their division (way to go boys!).
ANYWAY, this weekend is a big rival game in Fargo. SDSU vs NDSU. These games are always huge and a lot of people travel to attend these games. The tailgating is also something that Fargo and the Bison are known for. Everyone enjoys themselves and has a good time. We don’t plan on going to the game (since the games are always sold out) but will definitely be watching it from one of our favorite sports bars!

3. I feel like I haven’t even been home this week since my work sent me to a training in Rochester, MN. It was put on by the Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless and they had some pretty good sessions. Its always nice to get out of the office and kinda take a break without having to take your own time off. So I was in the office on Monday, left Tuesday for the conference and returned from the conference Wednesday night. Then today is my Friday, so it is a short and sweet week.

4. We book our trip to Mexico! Although we spent a little more than we were expecting, we are pretty excited to be counting down the days to this place!

It is called the Fiesta Americana Condesa Cancun. We are going with one other couple (as of right now) and we are heading there at the end of January for a week. I already have a countdown on my phone and have been browsing Victoria’s Secret for some swimwear. Side note: they are getting rid of their swim line so if you didn’t know, now you do! Get over there for some great deals! I never used to like their swim wear and the way they fit until I found one last year for our honeymoon. It made me feel incredible. I may or may not be staking out the same one in another color for next year 🙂

5. With Mexico coming up, that gives me some more motivation to kick my ass in the gym. As you know I have been running but I can honestly say that I miss lifting. Bill asked me why yesterday and I really couldn’t answer it. It probably is because I feel it more the next day or I can see the numbers going up from my last lift. I’m guessing it is a mix of both. I just feel more empowered by lifting weights than by running. And I think that’s okay.

That is it for now. See you next time!

Have any fun trips planned this winter?

What do you like better, lifting or running?

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