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Thoughts for Thursday

Phew, what a week! Is it bad that we just got back from vacation and I am already ready for the weekend?? I haven’t done a Thoughts for Thursday post in a couple of weeks so I thought I would do a little recap of the last week!

1. Surprise! I can’t believe we are back from vacation in Florida already! I plan on doing a recap of our Busch Gardens day separately but will talk about the other parts of the trip today! We dropped Mya off with Bill’s parents and headed down to a friends house. He was also going to be flying on the same flight so we parked at his house and grabbed an Uber to the airport. We flew down to Tampa from Minneapolis on Thursday afternoon.

The reason for going down to Florida (besides a warm get away) was a surprise 30th birthday party for a close friend of ours, Mike. His birthday was on Cinco de Mayo so we just knew we had to celebrate! His wife arranged for some family and friends to show up and surprise him. It is safe to say that he had no idea that anyone was coming down. He was just planning a small get together with his neighbors…psych! His wife, Amanda, had a whole theme down with decorations and everything. Once we got there, we headed out for some dinner and drinks at Wing Zone. After a bit, Amanda and I headed to bed as I was tagging along to her morning gym session. The place is called Legion Transformations. There is only a couple of these gyms across the country. The trainer kicked our a**. It was leg day and we absolutely destroyed them. I don’t know if I have ever been that sore before. And it was like a deep, down to the core sore. Oofta! It was fun though! I am so glad I went! After the workout, Amanda and I headed home to get ready for the actual party!

They even had a pinata full of little alcohol shooters. 

Homemade photo booth

Me and the birthday boy!

Saturday was more of a relaxing day. We headed out to a small beachish area and just hung out before grabbing some dinner.

Everyone was pretty exhausted from the day before so we didn’t get too crazy. Sunday we headed to a different beach. We decided on Saint Anna Maria island just about an hour away from Mike and Amanda’s house. The weather was perfect and the sand was awesome!

Sunday night we got back from the beach and headed out for some dinner. We hit up a southern style restraunt where if you wanted fresh fish, you could get it but if you wanted some jerk chicken you could get that as well! It was sooo good! I got jerk chicken and Bill got the ribs. Both were delicious!

Monday Amanda and I headed to they gym once again. The workout wasn’t even close as hard as the workout we had before. BUT it was a workout so that is what mattered! I’m pretty sure that is the most I have ever worked out on vacation and it felt awesome! After the gym we headed to Busch Gardens…which I will talk about in another post. It was a lot of fun though!

Tuesday we traveled by to MN. We headed straight to Bill’s parents to pick up Mya. Bill’s mom was also kind enough to pick us up some food to heat up when we got home as she knew we had a long day of traveling. Thanks Dawn!

Yesterday was back to work (silent sobbing) and back to reality. We hit up the grocery store to stock up and prepare a little for the week. Today I am working and tomorrow Ill be coming in for a couple of hours too. Since my desk was covered at work, I don’t have a lot to catch up on which is really nice.

2. Geeze Ashley, long talk much! 🙂
While in Florida, my fitbit decided I was too rough on it and took a turn for the worst. It has been a little glitchy the last 6 months but I just went with it. Right now I am feeling a little naked on my left wrist. I am also lost without the clock. Not all rooms have a clock at my work and I don’t always have a phone with me #firstworldproblems. Sooo really I am thinking of upgrading. I talked with Amanda while in FL and she really  likes her fitbit blaze. And there is a good sale right now through mothers day. I am just trying to decide if that is what I want to do! Any suggestions you can think of, shoot them my way!

3. Tuesday we had some intense cuddles sessions with the animals. It is safe to say they missed us!

4. I brought two books with me to FL and ended up not even starting one of them! Gah! Bill and I are still on a MTV The Challenge kick so that pretty much took up our travel time. I need to get back into reading! I miss it!

5. I can’t wait to plant our garden. Our friends in FL have an impressive garden so it makes me excited to get going on ours. Hopefully this weekend! I am thinking of doing some tomatoes, cucumbers, red peppers and maybe zucchini. Not 110% yet but I do love all of those veggies!

Questions for you:

Any recommendations on a new book?

Any fitness tracker recommendations? 

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

That’s about all I have for now. Linking up with Thinking out Loud for today’s long and random post!


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