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Thoughts for Thursday

How has it been 3 weeks since I have posted! Gah! I am so sorry my friends!

I got some confessions to make…so here we go!

Also thank you to Amanda from  Running with Spoons hosting the awesome link up!

I confess…

…. I am still struggling with choosing a new place to host my blog. Right when I think I got it figured      out, I find another company being promoted. HOW do you choose!? I will also more than likely          loose my layout/theme that I have right now and I am not sure how I feel about that 🙁

…. Blogging has been on the back burner these last couple weeks because we have been so busy! Life      just randomly does that when you lease expect it.

…. I am coming to the realization that Mya doesn’t see me as the Alpha like I thought she would. She      RARELY listens to me but when Bill’s around, she’s a straight A student. Such a sneaky little              thing. But when I am around, shes always looking at me or looking for me. She likes to be under        my feet right near me when I am doing things around the house.

…. that I am still training for my Half Marathon but am ready for it to be over. I’ll go more in depth in      the next Workout Wednesday post. I have less than a month left!

…. I am excited for some quality time with friends and family this weekend and then an awesome            wedding next weekend that both Bill and I are in. Also Mya will get some quality time with other        doggies as well.

…. I have started about 3 books and am in the middle of all of them. I get bored with one and then            forget about it. Then I start a new one. I need to stick to one and get it finished!

…. meal prep has been slacking lately! Farmers market run today though. Planning on getting some goods to help with prep for this next week.

…. my bed time has been later due to the Olympics = more sluggish at work. Thank goodness for coffee!

I think those are all of the confessions on my mind right now! Hope your last 3 weeks have been good and I cant wait to catch up with everyone with some upcoming posts!

What do you wanna confess??

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