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Thoughts for Thursday

HOW is it almost the middle of September already?!?!

August was a super busy month over here! As you can probably tell by my lack of blog posts 🙁

Since today is Thursday, I thought I would link up with Amanda for some random updates!

1. My half marathon race is on Sunday and I am in awe about how fast it has come up. If you want to hear more about the race and how I am feeling about it, check out yesterday’s post! Eeek, can’t wait to update you all!

2. Last week after quite a few restless nights, we decided to go out and look at beds. We have been wanting a king bed for some time now but just haven’t jumped on it. Last friday we spend 3.5 hours in HOM furniture and ended up walking out with a new mattress and bed set (which also included two new pillows and a sheet set!). Not literally walked out…the lady gave us delivery for free! It was delivered on Sunday and I ran to Target to check out some new bedding since all of ours is either full or queen. I was able to score a lot of things on clearance and here is what I came up with:

I was initially thinking navy with grey accents but ended up going with this 1/2 off coral color with navy pillow cases. I also scored this cream and gold pillow as well to act as an accent pillow. You can’t really see the gold on the cream pillow but I promise it is there! I really like the look of it all. The comforter came with two pillow cases made for king size pillows so we may be investing in some cheap ones just to help fill out the look of the pillows since we don’t have any that size.

3. Mya has been out of her kennel at night for a little over a month and out during the day for the last couple of weeks. Wellll at night is going pretty well. It’s during the day that we have had some troubles. First it was my favorite pair of shoes from Target, then it was a toy house for Bruce (good thing he didn’t really play in it anymore) and today it was my awesome new pillow that we just got on Sunday that came with our new mattress. Like come on, girl. Bill even made the bed this morning so she had to jump up on the bed, pull the comforter down and get at the pillow. Ugh. It may be time for her to go back in her kennel during the day. It is really hard to be mad at this face…

4. I think I have narrowed down to my self hosting site…but I have heard good and bad things about both. Not only that, but since Blogger is powered on its own I would have to start all over with my template. This wouldn’t be a big deal but I paid someone to come up with this and like how it turned out. Although, it would be nice to be able to have control over everything and make everything easy to find. Decisions, decisions. JUST MAKE A DECISION ASHLEY…sorry about that…

5. Last night I made cauliflower rice for the second time. The first time it was utterly disgusting and I threw it all away. Ick. But this time I sauteed it for about 5 minutes with some coconut aminos, garlic powder and ginger. I didn’t really follow any type of recipe. I was serving it with a stir-fry so I just used some of the same ingredients so that they could compliment each other. I was super nervous but it was actually pretty good.

6. Last week was the MN State Fair and we indulged twice. We went once on the first day and again the 3rd before the last day. The first time we were there bright and early and it was nice to walk around and not have 1000’s of people around. The second time was at night and there was people everywhere. I think I liked going in the morning a little better. Here are some snapshots:  




That it what I will leave with you today since I am all scatterbrained due to my race. Check back in to see my review on the Twin Cities Half Marathon!

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