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Thoughts for Thursday

1. After much thought, I will be transferring my blog this weekend to a self hosted site with my own domain 🙂 (fingers crossed everything goes well)! So stay tuned for possibly some changes — all good of course!

2. I mentioned it back on this post but this weekend is the Twin Cities in Action – Medtronic TC 10 Mile Run. I can’t believe it is already here! I feel like just yesterday we were signing up to be in the lottery. I talked more about it in the post mentioned about but I am running with two other girls. I have a feeling that they will be faster than me but that is okay. We will be running from Minneapolis to St. Paul and the route looks like it will have some great views. I am really excited to run the race but the only thing is that I haven’t been running as much as I was for my Half Marathon. The girl that I ran the Half Marathon with is one of the other girls I am running this race with and she said that she is in the same boat. Hopefully it goes well. Make sure to check back next week for a review of it!

3. We FINALLY got a couch. You guys. We have been waiting since July. I talked about the couch that we ordered (and wanted) in this post. Long story short, we ended up cancelling that order (after going to their corporate office after not having a couch for over 15 weeks) and went with a different couch and company.

We have since updated the rug (and still may change it) but we are really liking it! The night that we went to look for a new couch, we ended up leaving the store that night with this one. It also came with all of the pillows. 🙂 After getting it home we realized that it actually matched our current curtains as well (unintentional score!). Also Mya’s bed also fits in well with the gray. Up next is to find some end tables that go with everything. That might actually take longer than getting a couch….lets hope not.
4. We are starting to plan our annual trip to Mexico and I am getting pretty excited about it. I honestly love going and doing NOTHING. I love it even more when there is no wifi and we can all spend some quality time together. Right now there are about 4 of us planning to go and we are planning on getting together this weekend to tackle the details. SO EXCITE!
4. I’ll round out today’s post with some animal photos from my phone that I have either taken or saved recently!

These two just melt my heart! 
Linking up with these wonderful ladies for today’s post, Amanda and Annie.

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