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Thoughts for Thursday

Hello all! I have not had a chance to post all week so I thought I might as well do a little randomness with Amanda and Annie today!

We’ll start with a little wrap up of last weekend! On Friday, Bill and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary by going out to dinner. We decided on a nicer restaurant called The Melting Pot. We have never done a “nice dinner” place so we thought this would be the perfect opportunity. The Melting Pot is a fondue type restaurant where you have multiple different options to choose from. We decided to go with the four course option. For this you chose a cheese, a salad, a meat option and then a chocolate. For the cheese we went with the Fiesta option which was made with cheese, beer, salsa and jalepenos. It was a medium spice cheese and it came with a bunch of different dipping options.

                               Before digging in.
The first course – cheese

For our salads, I got a normal house salad and Bill got a caesar salad. We thought they were both pretty good. Then came the meat coarse. I went with the option called the Pacific Rim and Bill went with the Steak Lovers option. Essentially they bring out your options uncooked with a cooking liquid of your choice. We went with the Mojo option which is described as a Caribbean-inspired bouillon bursting with flavors of garlic and citrus. 

 For my meat (the bottom plate in the picture above) I got honey orange duck breast, chicken and vegetable pot stickers, shrimp and teriyaki sirloin. All of them were really good but my favorite was the duck. Bill got a bunch of different steaks and he said his favorite was the filet mingnon. I didn’t try it but he said it melted in your mouth. You can also see some little containers by our plates full of sauce. They give you these that compliment your different types of meat. Honestly this place was really good. Not an every day type of dinner but definitely a special occasion place.

After the meat, you were asked to choose a chocolate. We went with the Flaming Turtle which was milk chocolate, caramel and candied pecans. It also came with this awesome plate of dipping options. It was really good as well but we were only able to finish about half of the plate from being so full!
Since the weather was so nice after dinner, we decided to invite some friends over for one last bonfire. It was a perfect night for it. 
Saturday, Bill and I did some house stuff and ran some errands. Then Saturday night I met up with my friend Amy and we hit the town for some Halloween action. I went as Cruella Deville and she used an old costume that I had. People kept calling her Bernadette (from the Big Bang Theory) so that’s what she started telling people that she was! It was a lot of fun!
Sunday was a couple more errands and some laziness. 
Monday was Halloween so we handed out candy to some kids in the neighborhood but also it was this girl’s birthday!
Our little Mya is a year old already! She got a cookie treat and a new pumpkin toy. She loved them both!
The rest of the week has been filled with working, working out, eating and repeat! This upcoming weekend we have no plans (that I know of ha) and we always look forward to weekends like that!
Hope you are having a great week! Catch up soon!

Do anything crazy for Halloween?

How often do you go on nicer dates with your significant other? 

How do you celebrate your pet’s birthdays?

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