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Thoughts for Thursday

Happy December everyone! Christmas is in 24 days and 2016 will be over in 30 days! How many of you are ready to conquer the new year?? I know I sure am.

Since today is Thursday, lets go ahead and get random with Amanda and Annie today!


I found this decoration before Thanksgiving at Gordmans but I just had to have it! It hasn’t found a home yet but right now it is sitting in our living room. I was able to get some Christmas decoration last weekend but am looking forward to getting some more this weekend. I think I am going to be hitting up Michaels and Hobby Lobby as I have seen some pretty good hauls from people lately! I may just share on here what I find 🙂 I also should start on our Christmas gift shopping as well. This year we are hosting a joint family Christmas event where everyone brings a gift valued at $50 (and it should be a good gift not a box of rocks) and we will exchange. I am hoping that it is fun but I should start thinking of some good ideas!
This is what our living room looked like before the Christmas tree. We took the lamp out on the right and shifted the shelves and tv stand over to the left a little bit to make it fit. I talked a little more about our Christmas tree in Monday’s blog. To update, Bruce has been *pretty good*. Has only tried to climb up a couple of times. My is usually there to save the day. 
3. Speaking of Mya, LOOK AT HER. Such puppy eyes all time. The first picture I got a couple of days ago. I think she was pouting about something. The second picture I got last night. She was just laying with me as I indulged in some tv. She can take some good pictures once in a while ha! She is starting to get her winter coat so her fur is quite fluffy now. She is panting about 90% of the time but I dont think she is too hot, just comfortable. She also still enjoys snuggling with Bill and I when we lay on the couch together. She also gets jealous when Bill gives me hugs. She likes to get right up in the middle of that situation!
4. Nothing too big planned this weekend! Run some errands tomorrow, hit the gym and probably some cleaning. I should get my makeup and our spare room organized one of these days (looks off into the distance). Then on Saturday, I believe I will be having some drinks and/or ladies night with one of my good friends, Amy. We always have a good time together!
Thats about it today! Hope you have a great weekend and I can’t wait to catch up on Monday!
I will leave you with just a picture of Bruce so he doesn’t feel left out of the post 😉
“guarding the tree”

Do you have plans this weekend? 

How has your Christmas decoration adventure been?

Have you started Christmas shopping yet?

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