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Thoughts for Thursday

Hiii everyone! This week has been a little weird if I do say so myself. I haven’t done a Thoughts for Thursday in a while so I guess that means it’s time for a Thinking out Loud post with Amanda!

1. I woke up on Sunday morning NOT hungry. If you know me at all, that is pretty weird. I knew something was off but didn’t really think anything of it. Now it is Thursday and I have only been hungry about 4 times since Sunday. And I haven’t really eaten a whole lot of food. It’s almost as if my body doesn’t want it. It’s really weird. Bill is also coming down with something

2. One positive thing about this week is that I had Monday off. Since I wasn’t really feeling 100%, it was nice to have an extra day off! The rest of the week has been super busy at work. So between being sick/feeling off and being super busy, all I have wanted to do is get home and relax/sleep.

Cuddle time at the Adam household

3. Now after today, I have the rest of the week off. We are planning on heading to my hometown in ND for a little family reunion with my Bolstad side.

MN Sunset
With no snow on the ground and sunsets like this, it almost feels like spring! MN is supposed to be getting a storm tomorrow so we are hoping that it isn’t too bad! The plan for the weekend right now is to head to Fargo on Friday night, then make the rest of the trip to Napoleon on Saturday morning. Then we will make our way back on Sunday. It is quite a long drive so hopefully it all goes well!

4. I went grocery shopping (before this whole sickness) this last weekend and got some great finds at Aldi! I have a blog post coming up that details some of the finds that I got. I did have to stop at another store to get a couple more things but I got most of the groceries at Aldi.

Aldi shopping trip

That is all I really have for now! Fingers crossed I kick whatever bug I have and can start eating AND head back to the gym soon! Have a great weekend!

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