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Thoughts for Thursday

Aaaaand here we are, 2 weeks since the last blog post. First things first though, Happy Friday-eve everyone!

~  A couple of weeks ago, we attended the last wedding that we have on the books! Unfortunately, it started raining and there was no back up for the outside wedding. We just waited until the radar showed a break in the rain and then went for it! The venue was actually owned by one of the bride’s relatives and it was gorgeous! This was also the dry wedding that I mentioned in my last post. We made it work, it was a good time and it turns out that we clean up pretty well!

~ Last Friday was Bill’s 30th birthday (9/29)! Yayyyy! Friday we did not have a whole lot going on but Saturday we had quite a few people over. So Saturday morning, I hit up Crossfit and then hurried back home to get my CLEAN THE WHOLE HOUSE on. We did some cleaning on Friday but a few things we left for Saturday. I was also able to get some fall decorations up! I plan on sharing some house updates since I have FINALLY hung some things up on the walls (only like a year and a half late Ashley).

Bill’s mom got this awesome cake and also brought some bomb chili as well. We played some yard games, had a bonfire, played some other games inside and ended the night with some music videos. And by end the night, I mean started Sunday off since we didn’t even get to bed until 5am on Sunday. Ugh, this girl can’t do that no more!

~  This past couple of weeks have gone pretty well. There hasn’t been a whole lot going on besides working out and going to work! Oh I thought I would update you guys on what I have decided for my fitness plan! I have decided to go ahead and drop my Anytime Fitness membership and have signed up at Crossfit for 3 months. After the 3 months, it will be around the new year and I’m sure there will be some good deals to sign up for another gym if I find that I want to try something different. I have finished my 6 week program so now I have graduated worked my way up to Crossfit Level 1.

I did my first class on Tuesday and it was definitely different. We did this workout with a partner and I did this workout scaled (not exactly how it is written) since I am not able to do the first two exercises to their fullest potential. For the Handstand Push Ups I did an exercise on a box. It is meant to help me get to a point where I can do a handstand push up. It’s hard to explain so we will just leave it at that. For the next exercise I did just single jump ropes. I mean this bish can barely jump rope normal so let’s just get good at that first. Then the last exercise was working up to our max one rep on back squats. Essentially, how much can we squat just one time. I’ve done back squats before, however, I didn’t realize how much I could really lift! Turns, out my 1RM for back squat is 145 pounds! I couldn’t believe it! I LOVE getting stronger!

PS – we write down our results in class so that we can either log them in an app or take a picture. Reason for this is so that if we do the workout again, we can look back and see what our numbers were…AND BEAT THEM 😀 I am the first person that is written on the white board.

~ The next couple of weekends we are pretty much all open. We have been really busy for August through September so having these weekends to do whatever and/or nothing is nice. The end of October we have a housewarming/halloween party and the second weekend in November we head to Florida. We are visiting the same friends that we visited in May of this year. No real plans for when we are down there but maybe go to the beach and relax!

Well I think that is about it for now! So now I will end with a picture of this goofy girl!

Now you tell me:

Any exciting plan for Halloween?

Any trips planned before 2018?

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