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Thoughts for Thursday

Oofta, it has been a couple of weeks since I posted a Thoughts for Thursday to catch up with everyone!

~  It’s September already and within the next weekish, it will be October. I seriously don’t know where these months have went! Since Labor Day weekend, we have only had one weekend where we haven”t had anything going on. For Labor Day weekend, we went up to my parent’s lake place, the weekend after that we actually didn’t have anything on the books. So we ended up hanging out with friends. This last weekend we went camping with another couple. The State Park was really nice, even though the weather wasn’t great at times, and we all had a good time. So it’s safe to say the last camping trip for the year is over (insert sad face). This weekend we are heading to our final wedding of the season and then next weekend we are (fingers crossed) heading up to Fargo for a NDSU Bison Football game.

~  If you’ve been around the last 6 weeks then you would know that I decided to try out Crossfit.  You can see more about Crossfit Blaine here. Well, I started a 6 week program and this week was our last week already. I can’t believe it went that fast! We did a baseline test at the begininng and wrote down our results. Then we tested again last night. Whew, I will just let the results speak for themselves.

Gah, my push ups went up by so much! I have really been working on them throughout the weeks because it is something that I really want to improve on. Also as you can see, my arms (triceps really) improved almost an inch. And I can definitely tell! I love seeing the definition in my arms come out. Makes me feel like dying after the workouts is worth it! After our base line test last night, a few of us stayed a little later and had a beer with each other.

Now that I have completed this 6 week course, I am trying to decide if I want to “graduate” to actual Crossfit and cancel my Anytime Fitness membership or what I want to do. I think the biggest factor is going to be price. At Anytime right now I pay $32 a month and I know that Crossfit boxes are quite a bit more expensive than that. I am just waiting to hear from my coach and then go from there!

~  Like I said earlier, we are headed out of town tomorrow for a wedding. Tonight though, we are meeting up with Bill’s sister and brother in law for happy hour. We are actually going to a place only like 5 blocks from my work so it is super convenient for me. 🙂 Bill’s sister and brother in law actually live pretty close as well. Then we head to the wedding tomorrow. It will definitely be interesting as it is the only dry wedding that we have been invited to/going to.

~  For the past 3 months, there has been something going on that we haven’t mentioned so I thought I would just let it out. Bill lost his job and has been on the look ever since June (I bet you thought I was announcing something like a baby but alas we are not).While it was nice for him to get some time off and get things taken care of around the house and whatnot. I know he is getting a little stir crazy sitting inside the house. Positive thoughts for him as he is really trying find something before he really does go crazy.

~  Alright, well that is all that I have for now! I hope that you all are doing well and have an amazing weekend! I am really trying to get back into regularly blogging so I hope to see you on Monday!

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    Marina @ Happy Healing
    October 5, 2017 at 5:16 pm

    Your pup is so cute!! Also, so cool that you do CrossFit. I’m a little too scared too try… 😉

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