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Thoughts for Thursday

Phew, what a week. And it’s not even over yet! Due to some technical difficulties I wasn’t able to post on my usual Monday with a weekend recap. So…I thought I would get a little random what what’s happening in my life.

~  Last weekend we went camping a couple hours South of us in Great River Bluffs State Park. It is right by the Mississippi river and we were essentially between MN and WI. Bill and I arrived before everyone so we were able to pick our spots and gets things set up. The other two couples arrived shortly after us. Saturday we started the morning with a hike to the top of the overlooks. Then on the way back, we could feel the temperature start to skyrocket. Pretty sure it was about 92* but it felt like 100*. It was crazy and after a hike, we all just felt disgusting. BUT that didn’t stop us from enjoying some cocktails and playing some bags (or cornhole…whatever you call it). We played that until night, had a fire and called it a night. Sunday we headed home and didn’t really do a whole lot. First thing I did though was shower because..gross.

~  I have changed my hours at work so that I am working all 5 days now. So instead of M-Th 7-5:30 pm, I am working M-F 7-3:30 pm. I am still trying to get used to it as this is my first week. It is nice being able to leave at 3:30 pm when people are still in the middle of working but it was also really nice having Fridays off. Really just for the fact that I could schedule appointments or get stuff done in the morning where I normally couldn’t.I really did this for the sole factor that I hate getting home from the day at 7:30 pm and still have to make dinner. And I am a person who likes their sleep so I am usually in bed by 9 pm.   Hmmm…so yeah. There also may be some change of employment in the near future…so fingers crossed and positive thoughts please!

~  I mentioned in this post about a new gym that was doing a 6 week challenge and that I joined in on it. Well that challenge is almost over and here I am…still lost. I still have my Anytime fitness membership but I am still just not feeling it. I don’t even know where to go from here. I don’t want to see exercise as something that I HAVE to do but rather something that I LOVE to do. I think that I really have fallen out of love with it, and I hate that. The little gym that was doing the 6 week challenge was ok. I am not mad that I decided to do it but it doesn’t push me and motivate me as I thought it would. The community isn’t that connected and I just feel like an outsider…which I hate. I really want something that helps me grow emotionally and physically. Although Bill tries to be supportive, I think he just doesn’t know what to do or say. Which is really hard as well.

~  Going off the last post, I have wanted to try Crossfit for YEARS. It is something that has just always appealed to me. Well it turns out there is a box that is 2 miles from our house that is starting a “bootcamp” on July 26th. It’s 3 times a week, at a certain time and it seems like the coaches are really nice. The “bootcamp” also includes a fit test (at the beginning and the end), measurements, and nutrition help. They also have a Facebook group that all the couches are involved in. They even give out their own cell phone numbers so that they can be there to help you when you are unsure or have questions. I met with them last night and they talked about accountability and keeping each other in check. They also said something that really resonated with me. We all “know what to do” (or can do the research to learn) but in all reality we need those people in our lives to help us do those things and understand the struggles that go with it. This hit me hard because I feel like I have been saying that for years. That I know what to do, it’s just actually doing it. I only have a couple of days to make a decision as they keep the classes small to ensure safety and stronger communities..and spots fill up fast. \

~  Tomorrow we leave for a friend’s cabin that is just about 1.5 hours from here. Perfect distance if you ask me. There will be about 7 or 8 of us up there and it sounds like the weather will be nice as well. The last time we went up there it was April of 2016 I believe and there was snow and ice still on the lake. We will also be boarding Mya with Rover again. <– Like I said, we love it!

I think that is allll we have for today folks! Hope you are enjoying your week and have a great weekend!

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