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Thoughts for Thursday


Hi again! Since I didn’t talk about our super busy weekend last weekend, I thought I would get a little random today with Amanda!



  1. Last weekend I worked my ass off getting a garden into our backyard. It went back and forth between doing an above ground or in ground one and finally settled on in ground. We were also going to use the sod in a different area so I tried my hardest to make it look nice. Weeeell it turns out that we aren’t going to use it…but that’s okay. Since the areas that we were going to use it in seems to die each year, it would really urk me if we did all the work for the sod and it ended up dying next year anyway. So grass seed and watering it is! Here are some pictures from start to finish of the garden. Oh and we also did some little planters as well!



2. We were also able to head to a local lake and let Mya swim around. It was really the first time being in the water to freely swim around. I think she didn’t really know what to do at first but got the hang of it after awhile.



3. This weekend we are heading up North for a friend’s wedding. Neither Bill or I are in the wedding so we are looking forward to a relaxing time with some dancing and beverages in the evening. We will head up on Friday and come back on Sunday. Mya will be going to a new Rover sitter so we are hoping she enjoys it! We have had great experiences so far. Rover is essentially a website where you can go and find a sitter for your dog by location. We have found some really close to our house and most of them have reviews as well. The price also varies by each person and we have always taken Mya to their place to be watched (they offer other services as well but we have only tried the sitter). If you are looking for a sitter for your dog, we highly recommend it!


4. I have had a crazy obsession with iced coffee lately. Anyone else feel like its way easier to drink iced coffee in the summer?? This is my favorite combo lately.



I normally brew a keurig cup on 4oz BOLD and then add the Stok, creamer and ice. This is the best non-dairy creamer that I have found so far and I got thecreamer and Stok at our local grocery store (CUB foods). I usually finish my cup in .5 seconds (not really but close!).


5. This weekend is supposed to be really hot. I mean, ha it’s supposed to be 97* (F) on Saturday. Gross. Throw in a little humidity and I shall be trying to stay inside as much as I can!


That’s it for today’s post, hope you have a great weekend!



Questions for you:

Coffee…hot or iced?

Any food obsessions lately?

Exciting weekend plans?


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