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Thoughts for Thursday

1. We have some friends coming into town tonight and we cant wait to see them and catch up! The last time we saw them, it was our wedding. So that was 8 months ago…holy crap!

2. The reasoning they are coming into town: two of our good friends are getting married on Saturday. We all kinda met in college and one of my friends ended up dating one of Bill’s good friends and here they are! It is going to be outside so the weather better hold up! We can’t wait to see them start this new journey in life! 🙂

3. We may have found a couch for our upstairs living room (cue: yaaaaaaaaaaaaay). We went to a furniture store here in town and we found a brown one that we really liked. We dont like the color of the one on the floor but we do like the fabric and the feel of the couch. There is also an ottoman that has the same color scheme. We are thinking of ordering it in gray. Here is a sample picture of what it would look like:

This is the loveseat but it gives an idea of what the couch would look like. The light gray is soft and the darker charcoal is more of a pleather. It comes with 4 pillows but I would get rid of 2 of those pillows and try to find some other decorative ones that would pull in different colors in the house. It is so.soft. Its great! Haven’t bought it yet, but we are like 98% sure! We also found some other things at Furniture Mart that would be a great addition to our home, so we may be buying more than just the couch and ottoman.

4. I have yet to go to the grocery store this week. Uggggh. I was able to scrounge up some things for dinner and we did take advantage of Papa Murphy’s Tuesday deal of any large pizza for $10. BUT since we have friends coming into town this weekend, I guess I can fill my cupboards 🙂

That is all the randomness I have for today.

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