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Thoughts for Thursday

Aaaaand just like that, today is the last day of August! I can’t believe we are heading into September and before we know it the snow will be everywhere. I don’t mind the winter (obvi because I live in MN) but I definitely like the warmer months a little more. I didn’t do a review of the weekend on Monday since it wasn’t that crazy of a weekend.

~ We went to the fair with some friends (again) and then hung out on Sunday. It was pretty low key but here are some pictures just in case you want to see 🙂

~ Sunday Petco was running a special that if you made a food purchase, you got a free pound of dog treats. Of course I had no idea about the deal until I went to go and check out. You got to pick out which treats you wanted so I went with a little bit of everything. Score! Mya has enjoyed all of them so far!

~ This week was my second week at my new job and it is slowly starting to pick up. I forgot how much I hate not knowing what I am talking about/what’s going on. Anyone else? Today is my last day of the week as I already asked for tomorrow off when I started. We will be heading up to my parents lake place for the last time this year and it sounds like there will be quite a few people there. It should make for an interesting time….that’s for sure. We will leave tomorrow in the morning and then return on Monday. So that means I will be able to go to Crossfit tonight but will have to miss Saturday’s class. I am still loving it btw. I am not finding myself as sore as when I first started which just tells me that I NEED to push through the mental part a little harder. I always push myself a little more when I am actually at the gym with others so I don’t like missing the classes but alas. I might try and get a workout in this weekend just to keep myself moving. I am starting to feel motivation creep back into my life so I am looking forward to September to really jump start this for me.

~ Other than that, it has been a pretty low key week. I hope that you all have an amazing weekend and enjoy the holiday on Monday! Thanks for stopping by!

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