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Thinking Out Loud

Today I am linking up with Running with Spoons for Thinking out Loud…so let’s go!
1. Our house is STILL in shambles…gah. Moving is so exhausting! But hey, by tomorrow we will only have one house 🙂 Bill and I were able to get it all clean by noon this last Sunday and carpet cleaners come today! Check out with our landlord for our town home is tomorrow. He was seriously a great landlord, even though we never met him! This weekend we are hoping to get our dining room table from Bill’s parents house and get some more stuff organized. The other night we searched for about an hour trying to find a fingernail clipper…and it is still MIA (sigh).
2. This week I finished The Girl on the Train.

                                                      Image result for the girl on the train

I’ve heard some buzz about this book so when my coworker offered it to me last week, I jumped to read it. It was pretty good. Good enough that it only took me about a week to finish – I’m a pretty fast reader…especially with books that intrigue me. They are turning this book into a movie this fall and I’m for sure going to be seeing it. I am always interested in seeing how producers interpret the book and put it on the screen. From the trailer though, the movie looks like its going to a good one!
3. Bruce has learned to jump over the gate at the new house. At our last house, we used a baby gate to keep Bruce downstairs at night due to his annoying constant meowing at night. Well the old owner left his baby get at the house and we thought we could just do the same. Turns out Bruce does know how to jump and gets over it no problem. Two nights ago he was quiet. Then when I got up I realized there was a bag of Mya’s treats on the floor opened. So needless to say, he probably wasn’t interested in humans since he was full. Last night he was also quiet so I was full on expecting to see something destructive, but nothing! He started meowing around 5:30am which is normal since his automatic food feeder goes off at 5:45am. This morning though, he couldn’t remember where it was and I had to get up to go and show him where it was. Since we thought the gate would work, we put his food downstairs. But since he can jump over it, we might just bring it back upstairs so he hears it when it goes off! 
4. I have not worked out in 2 weeks…ick. With moving and trying to get everything ready, working out took a huge hit. I hope to get back this next week when everything kinda slows down. Unfortunately there is no Anytime right by our new house. The closest one is about 14 miles away. That doesn’t sound like much but there was an anytime 2 minutes from our old town home…whomp whomp. Bill has decided to join a new gym call Xperience Fitness. The facilities look nice and the price is pretty hard to beat. I am still deciding if I want to make the change or not. With getting new healthcare on July 1st, I will have the wellness attachment so I will be looking into that as well.
5. Today is my friday…WAHOO! I started working 4 10 hour shifts a couple months ago and I seriously love it. Although the days get long sometimes, having every Friday off is worth it! Tomorrow should be a productive day though. I hope to get more stuff organized, run some errands and then we are going to The Book of Mormon. I have heard really good things about it so my hopes are very high 🙂 Then Saturday we are planning a grill out with some friends. One of my favorite activities for the Summer!
So that’s it for today!

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