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Thoughts for Thursday | The Best Way to Finish Something Unpleasant is to Start

Linking up again with Amanda and Annie, so let’s go!

Yesterday as my legs were cramping and my lungs were burning, I heard this. It could not have been at a more perfect time. Not that I view running as unpleasant, but not a lot of people I know like the feeling of being sweaty and breathing heavy.

Things that we do in our life can become unpleasant at any time. Take making dinner, specifically. While I do love cooking, the process of getting there is just a hassle. Trying to figure what to make, how long it is going to take, if its going to taste good or not, what spices/broths to use. It can all get overwhelming. BUT once I start pulling some things out and start a little concoction, I get a little excited. Excited to see if it is actually going to be good, wondering what it is going to make the house smell like…I’d say that the smell is usually my favorite part. Anyone else feel the same way?? Please tell me I’m not crazy!

Today’s Thursday for Thought is really just a reflection on different things in our life that we may look at as unpleasant but we do them anyway. So I am going to share those with you and hopefully you get some inspiration to do the same!

  • Running – why oh why do I see it as unpleasant. Well I kinda touched on it above, but it makes me sweaty, I cant breathe, when I get done I feel like my legs are on fire. Although I will say that since I have signed up for the half marathon, I am starting to look forward to running. I am no longer worried about how much I can lift at the gym or how much weight I am loosing but instead focusing on how far and fast I can run. I feel so accomplished when I get done and I run farther than I ran the previous time.
  • Putting Clothes Away – This little task just seems to creep up on me. Like one second everything is in its spot and all clean, then BAM everything is out again! In all honesty though, this is the best way for me to actually see what I wear. Now I have a lot of clothes, there is no doubt about it. But I would say that I wear about 70% of them on a regular basis. The other 35% is clothes that I want to fit into again or am just waiting for the “right moment” to wear them. Ha how ridiculous does that sound!
  • Cleaning – This task also seems to creep up on me. I will say though, that after seeing how dirty the previous person that lived in our house had it, it makes me want to clean even more. And don’t get me wrong, once everything is clean and I can relax that’s when I feel accomplished. BUT the process of actually doing it and where to start is the daunting part. Once I get some music on though and get in the groove, WATCH OUT HOUSE!
  • Washing my face – Does anyone else hate washing their face? No just me…ok. Growing up I had pretty good skin with the exception of my forehead. She broke out like a mofo. Since then though, I seem to have pretty good luck with my skin. I usually use a form of these wipes. They seem to really get my leftover make up off. I also really enjoy First Aid Beauty. Little more expensive, but worth it in my opinion. 

So there you have it! Some unpleasant tasks that I just have to start to finish!

Does this saying remind you of any unpleasant tasks that you just have to start to finish??

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