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Tan Lines and Good Times | Weekend in Review

A day late, I KNOW I KNOW! I was very exhausted on Sunday and yesterday from all of the festivities!

Friday – 
Our Friday started out pretty well! Bill was up before I was (typical) and started packing all of our stuff up. I got up and we made sure that we had everything before driving to the in-laws house to drop off Mya. They agreed to watch her and even though we were all a little nervous, she did really well! Then we started our 3 hour drive up north to the festival. Well the top middle picture shows what we were driving into. We were pretty nervous and were on our phones looking at the radar. It was really dark! We were lucky and we just got some rain and a little bit of rain. Once we arrived, we did have a little hiccup at the gate. Luckily we were able to get it all straightened out and were on our way in. The weather was nice enough to stop raining for about 10 minutes so that we could set up our tent. Then it rained/poured for about 3 hours after that. Nothing like enjoying some cold cocktails to pass the time! The first night’s line up was Chris Janson, Randy Houser and Dierks Bentley. They were all pretty good but I do have to say that Chris Janson really took the show. He put on a great concert. It’s hard to believe that he doesnt have a label or anything and is doing his tour all by himself with his own crew. 
Saturday – 
Saturday greeted us with some hazy skies but warming temperatures. Some of us headed to a breakfast buffet that they do. For $12 though, it was nothing to write home about. Everything was pretty bland but I did enjoy a couple of biscuits and gravy 🙂 After breakfast some tried napping and me and another group member went on a walk. It was nice and relaxing. After that the day went by pretty fast. Between drinking, playing games, walking around and meeting up with folks, you don’t have much time to keep an eye on the time. And we were on vacation, so we didn’t really care anyway! Saturday’s line up was Chris Hawkye (local musician, bottom left picture) Neil McCoy, Travis Tritt and Jake Owen (bottom middle picture). We ended up not going to the second or third concert but we were right outside the stage so we could hear them. I was super excited to see Travis Tritt but when I listened to him from where we were, I knew that we weren’t missing anything. I am not a huge fan of musicians that change their songs a lot when they perform them live. I feel like they can loose audiences that way. Well thats exactly what he did and you could hear the strain in his voice, sigh. Oh well. Jake Owen was great! He put on a great show as well. 
Sunday – 
Bill and I were up early, no thanks to a crummy air mattress that can’t hold air. We decided that even though no one else was up that we would pack up and head out. Since it was also Father’s Day we knew we had plans. And we had to pick up our Mya bear! After getting home and unpacking some (and a little nap) we headed over to Bill’s parents house to say hi, celebrate a little and grab Mya. She was very excited to see us and seemed a bit wore out. Which was perfect for us since we were also exhausted! Once home, we unpacked a little bit, showered and headed to bed.
And that’s about it to our weekend! I wanted to get more pictures but I ended up leaving my phone behind  most of the time so that I didn’t lose it!
Also I know I didnt get to my haul last week, I am hoping to get to it this week but we have some friends coming into town for our other friend’s wedding this weekend. So we are in full cleaning and unpacking mode…
Link ups thanks to these beautiful ladies! – Holly @ Hoho Runs and  Tricia @ Miss Sippi Piddin, Katie @ Healthy Diva Life, Biana @ B Loved Boston

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