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Pregnancy Update | Weeks 35-39

Welcome to maybe the last baby update?!

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Baby Updates:

Since my last update I have had quite a few doctor appointments! At my 37 week appointment, my midwife measured my stomach to make sure I was still measuring on time. Turns out it was WAY ahead of what the previous week said. So she decided that it was the perfect excuse to get an ultrasound and see how big she is. They can still be pretty off but it was cool to see anyway! The ultrasounds tech also offered to do a 3D for free!

Here she is 🙂

As you can tell, she is already just annoyed with our shenanigans. That is her hand resting on her forehead. I’m sure she is in there just pissed because 1 – it was pretty early in the morning and 2 – she was moved/jolted around a little bit to check her positioning. But the tech said everything looked good and she is about 7 pounds. So my stressing in my last post about size and not finding out was really for nothing. Turns out it was just the way she way laying that day because the next appoitnment I had, I measured right on. When I went in on Monday, I measured at exactly 39 weeks! I have had a little bit of progress with each appointment (dilation and effacement) as well but nothing to write home about. Just signs that my body is getting ready 🙂 Her movements are still crazy and I feel that at all times of the day. I will say though, it has gotten to the point where they are a little painful. I have had to push some body parts back in. It’s alien-like, I swear.

Weight Gain:

I would say that over all I have gained about 28 -30 pounds. Really depends on the day and how bad my swelling is. I have really noticed it in my hands and ankles/feet. I DO still have ankles so that is nice! But I find walking and/or standing for longer than 10 minutes can cause them to feel like they are on fire. Just tells me to sit down and drink more water.


Not really a whole lot has changed. I have started experiencing more contractions but haven’t gotten to the point of timing them yet. I also am just not hungry (except for right away in the morning) and have been experiencing nausea. Some days it is comparable to the first trimester. Baby girl has also dropped quite a bit giving me more room to breathe (and to not have feet in my ribs). At my 37 week appointment, I was also diagnosed with carpel tunnel in my left hand. In the mornings I don’t have a whole lot of strength in my hand but it is especially bad in my left hand. I have also had problems with my middle and ring finger getting “stuck” in the bent position. I guess it is pretty common and it should go away after baby is born. Fingers crossed it does because it is a little annoying!


Now this is one thing that still remains a struggle. A couple of weeks ago I woke up in the middle of the night just drenched in sweat with memories of some cramping pain in my stomach. I fell back asleep pretty quickly. When I woke up in the morning, I didn’t know if it was real or it was part of a dream. So I shook it off. Then a couple of nights later, the same thing happened but with a little more cramping pain (and more sweat). I asked Bill if he was hot at all and he said that he felt just fine. So then I shook it off and fell back asleep. At this point I really didn’t know if I was experiencing them or if my body was subconsciously dreaming it. Then the day before my 37 week appointment, I had another episode. This time though, I knew it was for real. I remember wanting (and almost) getting up to get some pain meds because I was just uncomfortable. Now normal people might get up and try to walk it out but not me. My body decides that it’s no big deal and falls back asleep. As you can tell, just going back to sleep is definitely my body’s way of “dealing with it”. So at my appointment I brought it up to my midwife. She told me that they are more than likely real and that my body is going into false labor while I sleep. Essentially getting ready for the big day. All I could think of was RUDE. I like my sleep damnit! But it felt good to be able to know that I wasn’t crazy and things were going on. Currently (at 39.5 weeks along) I no longer have these episodes but they have been replaced by potty breaks at around 2/3 am with some discomfort before I fall back asleep. Ugh no winning.

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37 weeks


38 weeks

39 weeks


39 weeks

Any baby/pregnancy related purchases:

We were able to get our ceiling fan up in the nursery. We decided to go with the same fan that we put up in our master bedroom, just in white. It looks really good! I also purchased some last minute items that I realized we didn’t have. So right now, I think we are set. I am sure there will be things that I will realize we don’t have or things that will be convenient once she gets here, but we will cross that bridge when we get there. I did purchase something for when she is born/for pictures. Here is a sneak peak 🙂

Right now we just need to finish organizing the nursery and moving the rocker actually into the nursery. It is still living in the living room. Bruce thinks its his really.


I was able to get into the salon to touch up my hair and get a hair cut. I cut off about 4-5 inches which is just what I needed to feel refreshed. My stylist is due about 2 weeks after me so I wanted to make sure I got in before we were both out of commission for awhile. This last Sunday I booked a massage and was really looking forward to it. I told the masseuse that he didn’t have to avoid any pressure points. Well after a couple rounds of getting extremely hot and nauseous I had to call it quits early. My body was just not having it. I have had plenty of massages before but this one was pretty miserable. After I sat up though, everything was fine and it felt as if nothing was wrong. My masseuse felt really bad but I assured him that it was nothing that he did. He was actually really good!

Other than that, Bill and I were able to prep some meals last weekend. Essentially we did a double batch of a couple of recipes. Mac and cheese, taco soup, beef and broccoli and chicken alfredo. We also made some breakfast burritos and lactation smoothie packs. I will share how they are once we actually eat them! Don’t want to share them if they turn out gross or bad.

My last day of work is tomorrow. Well actually it is tomorrow at 1ish since I have another doctor appointment in the afternoon. So the plan is to get all of my work stuff done today so that I am not rushed tomorrow. I’m sure I will still feel a little frantic but my boss knows whats going on at my desk so I am not worried…too much.

But I think that is it for now! We’ll see if there is another update next week or if it will be us announcing our little girl 🙂


Have a great day!

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