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Pregnancy Update | Weeks 30-34

And just like that we have started the home stretch! For these last couple of updates, I thought I would switch up the format a little bit. Since most of the answers have stayed the same, I thought some other insight might be good.

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Baby Updates:

So right now I am 35+1 weeks along. For the sake of this post though, I am going to be doing through week 34. As I have mentioned in my other posts, I was trying to stay consistent with seeing one midwife but it turns out that it is more difficult than I thought. At 32 weeks, I had an ultrasound to check the location of the placenta. It was so, so awesome getting to see her move around! We got the below picture of her foot and I watched her play and suck on her toes. So amazing! I walked away from the ultrasounds a little disappointed though. While the placenta is in a good spot and no scheduled c-section is necessary, they were not willing to tell me approximately how big she is. When I asked the ultrasounds tech, she stated that it requires a special order from the doctor to do that. I was honestly blown away with that statement. I 100% know that the weight is not all that accurate but since Bill and his sister were both 10 pound+ babies, I would like to prepare mentally. So long story short, I have no idea how big she is or what percentile she is in for growth. I will say that I have never heard of this before and if/when we have another kid, I might be looking at a different clinic. We shall see though!

After my ultrasound, I met with a midwife that I remember not really liking before. Turns out, she is just fine. She was easy to talk to and offered some good advice. When I told her about my disappointment she stated that she understood but said that whether baby girl is 7 pounds or 10 pounds, it will hurt. Honestly. Sounds harsh but after thinking about it, it’s true! I asked her for recommendations for a pediatrician and also got my tdap vaccine. My arm was sore for a hot minute and I felt a little run down for a couple of days but since little girl is not able to get her shots until 2 months, I wanted to make sure she is getting all the antibodies from me she can. I also asked the grandparents and Bill to get the vaccine (if they haven’t gotten it) just to be safe.

At 34 weeks, I went in for my next appointment. I again met with someone different and a person that I remember not liking very much. Again, it turned out she was just fine. She actually recommended a specific pediatrician to me. She takes her children there and he is located in the same building. Score! So I scheduled a meet and greet with him. This appointment was pretty quick and we just listened to her heart beat and got measured. I was told I am still measuring great! Next appointment is at 36 weeks. At this appointment I will get my first cervical check as well as a Strep B test. If the test turns out positive, I will just have to be on antibiotics once I am in labor to protect baby girl.

Weight Gain:

As of my 34 week appointment, I actually hadn’t gained any weight since my last appointment. Which was pretty surprising since I weighed myself that morning at home and was about 2 pounds up. So I guess it all depends on what you go off of but in total, I am up about 23ish pounds.


I started experiencing/feeling more braxton-hicks contractions. I have also started noticing that when she pushes up and I can feel her underneath my ribs, it can cause some contractions. My midwife said that they call that uterine irritability and that it is pretty normal. Eating food has also started becoming slower and less. I don’t really get that hungry anymore and when I eat, it is significantly less than before. I also have a hard time coming up with things to eat. Whether that is for lunch or dinner or whatever. Nothing really sounds good, especially red sauce things. I also have not been experiencing any real cravings.

I have also noticed becoming more irritable, more quickly. I just feel like I don’t have time to deal with some things. So, sorry to all of those that cross my path these next couple of weeks 🙂

      30 weeks


            31 weeks


Sleep has started becoming very hit or miss. Most nights I do not sleep very well. It is a workout just to get this body to turn over in the middle of the night. I still sleep with a mini my pillow either in between my legs or under my belly. That usually lasts for a couple of hours before I get tired of it. I have also tried sleeping with a body pillow but each time I wake up in sweat. It’s just too hot for this girl. I have noticed my groin muscles getting SUPER sore from being the main muscles that I use to get to roll over. I’m sure I look real funny in the middle of the night trying to get comfortable. One thing that has woken me up in the middle of the night is a burning hip pain. I plan on bringing it up at my next appointment but it’s almost as if my hip joints are on fire. I have to move and sometimes the pain doesn’t go away, even after rolling to a different side. So that’s fun.

        32 weeks


      33 weeks


        34 weeks

Any baby/pregnancy related purchases:

Not us, but our neighbor generously gifted us a rocker for our nursery. Although you are not able to check out these things in the store, I am really happy with the one that we chose!

The blanket is a home made gift from our good friend Marrah. Check her out on Instagram (@marrahsgotprojects) for more of her work – she’s so talented! We  purchased a white 8 cube organizer from Target to put at the bottom of the closet for more organization/storage. I got the idea from Pinterest so hopefully it doesn’t turn into a flop! We also purchased a ceiling fan for the nursery. That is higher up on the list to just get it done. Other than that, I haven’t really purchased any bigger items. I have started looking at items for me for after pregnancy/delivery but haven’t pulled the trigger on really anything. I am still mulling over the idea of getting a diaper genie, a craft cart and a piece of plexi glass for the top of our re purposed dresser. Now that our weekends are not packed with plans, the lists are being created and things are being crossed off!


Honestly, I am feeling overwhelmed but calm at the same time. She could come at any point really. It could be 2 weeks or it could be 5. The anxiety that was present in the first trimester/part of second trimester is slowly creeping back in. The fight/talks I have with myself in my head daily is exhausting. It sounds so stupid out loud but if you have been pregnant before, I can about guarantee that you know exactly what I am talking about. And hell, maybe that is the anxiety talking. I have started to “meditate” a little. Just to get my mind to calm the f down. Other than ALL of that, I am feeling ready. Ready to be able to lay down on my stomach, ready to fit into regular clothes, READY to snuggle this little girl. She is so loved already. 🙂

And on that note, I think I will end here!

My next doctor appointment is next week so I plan on having an update next week!

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    June 28, 2018 at 5:08 pm

    Pregnancy does such weird things to your body! Rolling over in bed really is a workout and sleep is hard to come by… 6.5 weeks to go for me! Getting close!

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      June 29, 2018 at 3:25 pm

      I know, the body is crazy! Time is going by so fast!

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