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Pregnancy Update | Weeks 26-29

10 weeks left (70 days/9 Fridays) until our due date/we meet this little lady! HOW?! How has time gone so fast?

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How far along?

As of today we are 30 weeks! Last Wednesday I went in for my next doctor’s appointment and I was 29+1 so we are going to do an update through then. I am still measuring perfectly on with my due date. I measured at 30 cm and at 29 weeks she said that we are still doing perfect! I am trying to meet with the same midwife until I deliver just to give myself a little peace of mind. I brought up some swelling that I have been seeing (thanks genetics…aka mom!) and some lower stomach cramping. She said that it all sounds normal and told me to wear more supportive shoes…not flip flops. HA she doesn’t know how hot my office is. So I’m trying to wear tennis shoes more often.

Do Bruce and Mya know what’s going on?

This still hasn’t really changed. The nursery has been set up and they both find excuses to just go and check it out. Mya has been “protecting me” from Bruce if we are in the nursery. And by that I mean she chases him away and doesn’t let him into the room when I am in there. So I have a feeling that she really does have an inkling that something is brewing.

Boy or Girl?

Girl 🙂

Any names yet?

We are adding to a list of different names that we like. Nothing too concrete yet!


Nothing much has really changed since the last update! I have started noticing swelling in my hands and feet and take that as a sign to DRINK MORE WATER and get off of them. I also have belly button pain every once in a while.  This is something that I don’t really feel anymore. It has been replaced by baby girl running and/or pushing her body against my stomach, especially by my belly button. I can definitely tell when she is switching positions in there. Even though I said it in my last post, the moving still gets me all the time. You can see her moving on the outside and I can feel when she is at the top near my ribs. She seems to really like my upper right stomach/rib area. I have also started experiencing some hip/back pain. I especially notice this when I am super active (like doing things around the house, taking Mya for a walk, etc) and then I stop to rest for a second. When I start to move again, the pain hits. This past weekend I had to break open the Excedrin again. Seems to really be the only thing to take the pain out. So there’s that.


Red sauce with meat is still a little iffy to me. Things like pizza, spaghetti, etc just don’t sound good. I actually think it might have to do with heartburn. I noticed the last couple of times eating pizza that it just doesn’t agree with me and I get nauseous/heartburn. So it must be baby’s way of telling me to stay away. Other than that though, sweets still sounds really good. I even made some Berry Crumb Bars from Iowa Girl Eats and have enjoyed those with a little ice cream at night. I did change it up a bit by using blueberries, raspberries and thawed frozen strawberries and regular flour. Not going to lie, they turned out really well!


Aaaand we are back to not sleeping very well. I have been lucky enough to not have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. But that has been replaced by constant rolling/turning. And it is not easy moving this body around, especially now that the bump is in full effect. I have been sleeping with a mini my pillow under my leg and that seems to help just a bit.

Weight gain/loss?

I am up about 18 lbs from my first prenatal appointment (up about 15 from before I was pregnant).  Midwife says I am perfectly on track but it’s still a hard number to hear (and see). My belly has definitely gotten bigger and more prominent now. Leggings + t-shirt/tank top + cardigan = go to outfit right now. <<<Still rocking those outfits. I found a second hand maternity store (thanks to my sister in law) and was able to pick up a couple of shorts, a pair of leggings and a pair of jeans that actually fit this last weekend.


I have been getting out to walk Mya. She seems to enjoy it and since I sit most of the day, it’s nice to move. I will say though that during my walks I experience some stomach cramping. So I just slow down and they seem to subside. I am really enjoying these walks at the end of the day. It’s kinda nice to just wind down after a day at work and what not. I did go to the gym this past weekend for the first time in quite a while and…let’s just say it was different. I get out of breath now very easily and some things are just not comfortable to do with a belly 🙂

Now for some pictures! Weeks: ( I missed week 26 :() 27, 27 (me and the hubby at our baby shower – dont let the blue fool you, it’s a girl!), 28, 29 . ps – please ignore the messes behind me! Our house is still reno mode and this is the only room with a mirror 🙂

I think that it is safe to say that somewhere in there I really “popped”. I am starting to notice my belly running into things and it’s getting harder to reach those feet!

Just for fun, here is a look at 14 weeks vs 30 weeks:


It’s so crazy to me! This is probably the reason behind why I have felt pretty big lately!

An update on plans from the last update: 

~ South Carolina was great! The weather was cooperative and we all got the sun (burn) that we were hoping for!

~ The baby shower was a great success and my sister in law did such an amazing job hosting! I have started to actually go through things and look for gaps that we still need to fill. But I will say our little girl will love penguins (whether she wants to or not) and will be very well dressed! 🙂

~ We went on our Hospital tour and that was good. The hospital was super nice and quiet which I didn’t actually expect. We now know where we need to go once it’s time. Our baby class was also good. Nothing too ground breaking but it got us thinking about conversations with each other or with my provider that we should have beforehand.

~ This last weekend we were supposed to go camping but with a forecast of 56* and rain the whole time, we ended up cancelling. Better to be safe than sorry. So we were able to get some things planted in our yard and I was able to go through some baby things.

Coming up:

~ This weekend we are heading up to my parent’s lake place in ND. This also means stopping at at least one of my favorite restaurants, maybe both. Hu Hot and Moes. The hubby knows this will make baby very happy! They recently got a new pup and it will be interesting to see how him and Mya get along!

~ The next weekend Bill and I are heading up to Northern Minnesota for a little baby moon. He booked it on Valentines Day as a surprise and we’re pretty excited to get away just the two of us!

~ Our next doctor’s appointment is on June 6th and we will be getting an ultrasound. Unfortunately I won’t be able to see my normal midwife but any time that I get to see baby girl’s progress, I am excited!

I think that is it for now! Thanks for stopping by!



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