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Pregnancy Update | Weeks 22-25

Aaaand just like that, we are 26 weeks! Oof it’s going by so fast! I wanted to get this post up sooner but I lost my saved post and then found it again!

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How far along?

I am 26 weeks! Last Wednesday I went in for my next doctor’s appointment. This was the appointment to do my 1 hour glucose tolerance test and iron check. I went in hoping that I would pass both…and by golly I did! The sugar drink tasted like a cold, really flat 7-up. Not really that bad, in my opinion. Then I met with a Midwife to go over recent symptoms and what not. With the clinic that I go to, you can meet with a variety of different people to include OBs and Midwives. Then every day, one ob and one midwife is on call for 24 hours to deliver babies at the hospital. I have met with a couple of different people but have really felt drawn to the midwife I saw yesterday. So I am going to stick with her for the rest of my appointments. There is no guarantee that I will get her when I actually go into labor but that’s fine. We listened to the heartbeat and it was going strong at about 150-155 beats per minute.

Do Bruce and Mya know what’s going on?

Mya now sleeps in our bedroom since she is still unsure what really happened to her “bed”. I have shown her a couple of times but she doesn’t really go under the bed anymore. So the one main thing that has changed is that Mya is back out under her “bed”. We noticed that Bruce was back to his old meowy stage VERY early in the morning. Which we noticed since Mya was no longer sleeping under her “bed” and with us (we sleep with our door closed). Well turns out, Brucey was lonely and must wanted her out. The first night (and pretty much since) we let Mya out of our room, Bruce no longer meows in the morning. There have been a couple of mornings where he has but nothing like before. I think Mya is confused between us moving the bed, her sleeping with us and now sleeping back under her bed. Poor girl! Her old room (the nursery) has also been closed off since Bill’s mom is working on painting a dresser for us and we don’t want animal hair in the paint. That room will be open soon enough! 🙂

Boy or Girl?

Girl 🙂

Any names yet?

We are adding to a list of different names that we like. Nothing too concrete yet!


Nothing much has really changed since the last update! I still feel the fire in my feet and take that as a sign to DRINK MORE WATER. I also have belly button pain every once in a while. I can now feel where my abs are splitting on top of my belly button. That is super weird, let me tell you. The moving still gets me all the time. You can now see her moving on the outside. I have definitely watched my belly go crazy a couple of times. We got a spicy one in there!


Chocolate! That is what I want right now. All day. Every day! Normally I am a salty person but right now all I want is sweets! Last night I even had a dream where all I wanted was chocolate and how I couldn’t decide on what I wanted at a place full of different chocolate items. Other than that I am back onto the eating meat train. For awhile there, I didn’t really want any type of meat. Red sauce with meat is still a little iffy to me. Not quite sure what is up with that.


I have been able to sleep a little better these days. Not sure if I am just that exhausted or what. I am still sleeping on my side/little tummy. That is honestly the only position that allows me to actually sleep fully through the night. I have started to experience baby girl moving once I roll over and/or when my alarm goes off. Seems she doesn’t like being woken up, just like her mama.

Weight gain/loss?

So this is one that took a huge jump since the last update! I am up about 13 lbs from my first prenatal appointment.  Midwife says I am perfectly on track but it’s still a hard number to hear (and see). My belly has definitely gotten bigger and more prominent now. Leggings + t-shirt/tank top + cardigan = go to outfit right now. MN has FINALLY gotten on board with Spring so I’m really looking forward to wearing open toed shoes and dresses.


Aaand no. Like I said above, MN hasn’t accepted spring yet so there hasn’t been a lot of opportunity to hang outside. This week though (fingers crossed) is the start of a beautiful start to spring…almost summer! I have been getting out when I can to walk the pup. She seems to enjoy it and since I sit most of the day, it’s nice to move. I will say though that during my walks I experience some stomach cramping. So I just slow down and they seem to subside.

Now for some pictures! Weeks: 21, 22, 23, 24, 25. ps – please ignore the messes behind me! Our house is in reno mode and this is the only room with a mirror 🙂


Big plans coming up!

~ So this weekend, I head out to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina with one of my best friends and 8 other ladies for her bachelorette party! We ended up getting a steal for both flights and room. I debated on going because I didn’t know how I would feel but let me tell you…I am excited to go! Especially since I have been feeling pretty good. The one thing that will be on my mind though is our dang bathroom remodel. It has been going slower than we anticipated BUT I am really hoping that this weekend some huge strides are made. After all, next weekend is our baby shower and it is being held at our house! 2 *functional* bathrooms would be really nice!

~ Next weekend, like I mentioned is our baby shower and we have some friends coming into town to stay with us. So we are really excited to see them as well as celebrate our little girl with our friends and family!

~ The weekend after that we are attending our baby class. We decided to go with an all -in – one class that encompasses breastfeeding, labor and aftercare. Then a couple of days after our class we will actually go and tour the hospital that I will be delivering at. I have heard good things so I am excited to see what it all looks like first hand!

~ The weekend after that we are headed out with a couple of friends to camp! First time of the season so we are looking forward to that!

~ The next weekend is Memorial Day and we will be headed (hopefully) to my parents lake place. Not sure how many times I am going to want to sit in a car for 5 hours once I get further along so we want to try and get out there once!

That’s it for now! Can’t wait to catch up with you in my next post!

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