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Pregnancy Update | Weeks 18-21

I can’t believe it but we are officially over the half way mark to meeting our baby girl!


First Trimester Update

Weeks 14-17 Update

How far along?

As of today I am 21 weeks! We went in for our anatomy scan last night and she is measuring 100% on point with our due date of July 31st. She is about 13oz and reads perfectly healthy! I honestly feel like time is starting to fly by! Now that our weekends are filling up, weeks can’t seem to slow down!

Do Bruce and Mya know what’s going on?

This still really hasn’t changed since the last update. Like I said in other posts, I think they can sense something is going on but are not sure what. In my last post I talked about moving things around to get the nursery started. I think that really threw them off. Mya now sleeps in our bedroom since she is still unsure what really happened to her “bed”. I have shown her a couple of times but she doesn’t really go under the bed anymore.

Boy or Girl?

We had our anatomy/check up scan and she is 100% girl! We spent the majority of this last weekend painting the nursery. Since we got the crib set up it is starting to feel a lot more real!

The majority of this last weekend was painting the nursery. See, I’m telling you. My get stuff done meter is on overdrive!

Before and after. The after looks a lot darker because it was taken at night but I promise, it’s pretty bright in there! The lines were a bit of a struggle but I think that it is all coming together! The tall dresser in the after picture is also going to be painted. Not sure how or really what color but it isn’t staying black. That’s for sure!

Any names yet?

We are still on hold for this one/not really looking. Eventually we will!


With the exception of a couple of things, I have been feeling really good! Around week 19, I started experiencing some pain around my belly button. There were a couple of days where it just hurt to move. So I started putting some heat on my stomach and that really seemed to help. The pain has pretty much subsided but I do get hints of it here and there. I also started to feel like my feet are on FIRE. I know this is really in relation to more blood flow, extra weight and swelling but still. It is really uncomfortable and it seems to bother me with any shoes that I wear. I am ready for nicer weather when I can just let the toes be free! #freethetoes. The one thing that gets me every time is feeling her move. Now I can feel her all throughout the day…which is so crazy! At the ultrasound yesterday we could see her moving around in there. It’s one thing feeling it and another thing when you see what you are actually feeling! We will be having another ultrasounds at 32 weeks to check on my placenta. It is sitting low right now but usually it moves up as baby gets bigger.


I am starting to sleep a little bit better. I wake up almost every night around 4:30 am which is a little weird. While I don’t sleep completely on my stomach, I do a little bit. That is really the most comfortable for me. I did buy a body pillow (thanks Billie!) instead of a pregnancy pillow which I use from time to time.

Weight gain/loss?

So it looks like I have gained around 4 lbs since my last appointment! This makes sense since she is now permanently sticking out and I feel myself getting bigger by the day! I also have been getting my appetite back. Meat and most veggies are a little iffy still. But fruit…YUM! I don’t think I’ve ever wanted/eaten more fruit in my life! I have really been enjoying the breakfasts below…when I get time to make them that is!


Still a struggle but I did go to the gym this past weekend. I got a good leg workout in at the gym and then worked on upper body at home (while painting). I am sore AF since going to the gym though. That’s ok, I appreciate all of the things that my body is allowing me to do for our little girl! I have also been able to get out after work (#thanksdaylightsavingstime) to take Mya for a walk. She seems to really enjoy it and so does my body. Nothing really beats that release of endorphins from moving a little bit!

Now for some pictures! Weeks: 18, 19, 20, 21.


Other than all of that news above, we are going to be starting the work on renovating our downstairs bathroom, have started thinking about the baby shower and have started looking into different classes for the baby. I’ll update on all of that on the next update.

Hope you enjoyed the little update and thanks for stopping by!

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    March 20, 2018 at 10:56 pm

    Just LOVE the updates!! You lookFANTASTIC,Ashley

  • Reply
    March 22, 2018 at 7:12 pm

    You’re due 2 weeks before me! This is my first pregnancy though and it’s been rough so far. I have my anatomy scan next week so crossing my fingers everything looks good! Glad everything is going well for you!

    • Reply
      March 22, 2018 at 7:13 pm

      Well… 3rd pregnancy – First baby hopefully!

    • Reply
      March 26, 2018 at 2:07 pm

      Hopefully everything looks good and things get a little better for you! I can be hard to enjoy it when you aren’t feeling the best!

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