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Pregnancy Update | Weeks 14-17

Today I thought I would give an update on how everything has been going with Baby Girl!

First trimester update here!

I last left off talking about research and the nursery. I am still doing my research but am over half way done with the registry. The one big thing that I have realized that there are a lot of things that we will need over time and there is no real way to establish what we REALLY need until she gets here. Which I am 100% okay with!

My most recent appointment went good and everything sounded good! I got to hear her little heart beat again – about 150ish beats/minute. Such a cool sound! I also got the flu shot finally. Better to be safe than sorry, especially now that it is widespread and I need all the protection for her (and me) that I can get!

How far along?

As of 2/20/18, I am 17 weeks! I feel like time is going by slow and fast all at the same time.

Do Bruce and Mya know what’s going on?

This really hasn’t changed since the last update. They both are still in their protective/want to sit on my all the time phases. I have a feeling though once we start moving things around in the house, they are going to be a little bit more concerned.

Boy or Girl?

Still a little girl, to our knowledge! We have our anatomy/check up scan scheduled for March 19th but I doubt it will change.

Any names yet?

We are still on hold for this one/not really looking. We know we have some time and I think once we start on the nursery/start getting more things we will start thinking of different names. We have decided that once we do decide on a name that we are going to keep it between us until she is born so that is exciting!


I actually haven’t been experience a whole lot of anything. Actually now that I think about it, I do have a couple of things that have been lingering. Being unable to wear contacts. You’ll notice in the pictures below that I am mostly in my glasses. That is because around week 14/15 I went through a phase where my eyes were super swollen and refused to accept contacts. It has since gotten a little bit better but I have to leave my contacts out for longer periods of time. I have noticed that my abs still feel like they are stretching, especially around my ribs. I have also noticed some pelvic pressure when sitting for long periods of time. I have also been feeling some pain around my belly button. I know this is just in relation to things moving around while she is growing but man, is it uncomfortable. Some exciting news is that I have started to feel her move! I would say that it feels like popcorn or bubbles popping. I feel her mostly at night when I am relaxing and/or trying to go to sleep.


This hasn’t changed a whole lot either since the first trimester. I am still waking up fairly often during the night. Turning in bed is getting harder to do. I have started sleeping with a pillow between my knees just to help with my lower back/hips. It has actually been working. Last night I got a full nights sleep in quite some time. I have started looking at those pregnancy pillows but it is really hard to justify spending that much money on a damn pillow. I’m holding off for now but it might be a future purchase!

Weight gain/loss?

I still have not gained any weight. And by that I mean I have not gone past my previous weight of about 164. At my last doctor appointment on Monday, she said that I am down 3 oz from my 8 week appointment. So in all reality I have been gaining some weight back after losing a little bit. She is not worried and even stated that she has a full term mom right now who has only gained 3 pounds throughout the whole pregnancy! Crazy, hu?!


This still continues to be a struggle *story of my life*. I am trying to get there on the weekends but when it comes down to it, I’d rather get things done around the house. This internal nesting thing is no joke people. I can see my muscle disappearing and it makes me really sad. I know that my body is doing the necessary things to give baby girl what she needs but it is still a little sad. So I really need to try and get in the gym just a little more often. Even if it’s to do a whole body lifting thing or get some leg workouts in! I’m really looking forward to the nicer weather so I can just take Mya for a walk. I think she will enjoy that as well.

Physical changes:

Pictures are: week 14, 15, 16, 17


Ps – look at Mya in that last photo. Like “mom, wtf are you doing”. Jeans (jeggings let’s be real) are really tight now and I wear them mostly with a belly band. I have been sticking to mostly black leggings as that is what is mostly comfortable. My plan is to go to Old Navy and pick up some new pieces. Not necessarily maternity but things that can still fit for a couple months anyway. The girls are also growing each week it feels like! I am mostly in sports bras now. Regular bras only go on when necessary around here.

Another question that I have gotten recently is what purchases we have made so far. We actually have not received anything from anyone (not that we are expecting it!) and we haven’t really bought anything either. Only three things. A set of onsies/bodysuits (used for announcement), the blanket for the announcement and another little outfit (found at WalMart but unable to find it online). I mean come on, look at the little penguin!


Other than that though, we are just kinda holding off. I think the crib is the one of the next things on the list. I personally want to get most of the big stuff taken care of sooner rather than later. Then it is just done and I can still participate in doing it all while I still can.

Other than that, not much going on! Just working on getting this girl growing and getting the nutrients that she needs!

Did you get a pregnancy pillow?

Was exercise a struggle for you (especially if you were pregnant during the winter)?


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