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Moving Forward

You guys. I cant believe we are here already and next week at this time, we will be move into our new home! Feels like we just moved into our town home. But we are moving onto bigger and better (and more expensive) things!

We spent the majority of this last weekend doing some final painting touch ups and cleaning up. The basement is now done, most of the closets have been painted and about 20 spiders were killed. Am I the only one that thinks that 20 is a lot…yes? okay then.

As we left the house last night, we reflected on how this upcoming weekend is really the last night in the town home. The town home was a huge part of the last 18ish months. Going from engaged to married, to house hunting and becoming fur parents again. She has seen a lot! As scary, stressful and exciting as looking for and buying a house was, I am excited to have a place that is OURS. Oh and so many projects that we just cant wait to do to make it more “us”.

As we pack up our stuff, I have been throwing out a lot as well. No better time to purge your things than when you are moving and don’t want to take it with you to the new place! I actually ordered a bag from ThredUP to send in my brand name, gently used items. If you haven’t heard of ThredUP, its basically an online consignment shop where they look at your clothes, determine what they can accept and pay out a certain amount. Any unaccepted items, they donate and/or upcycle. You can request to have whatever they don’t accept shipped back for a fee, but honestly I want to get them out of the house anyway and I’d rather someone else get some use out of them! You can request the bag for free and then it comes with a prepaid shipping label to give back. I have not sent mine in yet, but will have an update once I do!

When packing, it seems to take me forever. I usually find that when I start going through things, I find stuff that I forgot we had or I find trinkets from different memories. This usually leads me to think about the past and all of the amazing things that I have had the opportunity to experience. With friends and family but also by myself. While memories are great, it sometimes makes it hard to get rid of something because of the sentimental value. But I have noticed that some things are still in the box from our move to MN. And if that is the case, it really is time to let it go. But as I donate/get rid of things, it is allowing for us to make room for more memories. Moving forward isnt always easy, but I can honestly say that I am excited about it this time!

’til next time!

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    May 12, 2016 at 2:30 am

    Good luck!!! You know I just did this too. Blech!

    ThreadUP is such a cool idea! We have store we can bring stuff to, but I never want to make the effort.

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      May 16, 2016 at 12:47 pm

      Thanks Laura! Yeah it was a process but definitely worth it!

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