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Motivational Monday #9

Happy Thanksgiving week to everyone!

Is anyone else as excited as me for a 3 day week? My company is awesome and gives us Thanksgiving and the Day After off 🙂 Although I really don’t join in on Black Friday shopping, I enjoy having the day off to spend with friends and family! As this week arrived, it made me think back to last year when I actually thought about getting into blogging to be more thankful and to remind myself to not take things for granted. Although my blogging didn’t really officially start until April, the thoughts were a-brewing in November! It also got me thinking about what I really wanted to blog about and Motivational Monday was one of the first things I thought of. How often do we start the week thinking “ugh Monday again”? It also made me realize that thinking about things that motivate me, made me happy. It gave me things to really think about during the week when I was struggling.

As the holiday season approaches us, it is a time happiness and joy. It is also filled with parties, presents and money spending. As the times get more hectic and the time seems to pass faster than ever before, think of you. At the end of the day, you spend more time with yourself than any other person. So why be anything but happy? 
*Also since the holidays are upon us and I’m sure some of you have already started shopping, I have a way for you to save some money! I know some of you hate going out into the hustle and bustle of stores so you shop online. So here is the online shopper’s best friend: Ebates.com! I’m sure you’ve seen commercials for this site and thought oh that’s just a scam or something. BUT it is not! I have gotten back over $50 just from going to this website first! I promise, you wont be disappointed (some cash back is up to 25%!!). It will tell you how it works and then once a quarter they send you a check for the total amount of cash back you have gotten so far!
Check it out here
*disclaimer: if you click on the link and use the site to shop online, I will get the referral credit. But after you create an account and buy stuff, you can also do the referral credit!

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