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Motivational Monday #7

As the snow falls and the wind blows here in MN, I cant help but look back at last year in Colorado. The weather was awesome and if we got snow, it was gone in a couple of days. Even though I miss that weather, nothing -ABSOLUTELY NOTHING- beats being back near family and friends. That feeling when you know that you can call someone at anytime and more than likely see them that same day? Priceless. 
The reason I mention this is because when Bill and I decided to move back home (ish), we really did not regret the decision we made to move down there. It was better to say “I’m glad we did it” than “What if we would have done it”. And in all actuality, it made us closer. With it just being us two (and Bruce of course) and some roller coaster moments, we learned to lean on each other just a little bit more. 
Now this quote does not have to do with the last year, it has to do with a person’s whole life. Everyone makes decisions all the time. There is no way around it. I am a firm believer that everyone comes from a different place and everyone makes decisions for a certain reason that makes them who they are. So even if they weren’t the best decisions or you look back and think that you could have made a better one, just think. If you would have made the other decision, would you be who you are today or on the road to where you’re heading today? <— food for thought
PS: My motivation is also Mexico. We are planning and booked a friend-cation with some of our closest friends and we are already only 67 days away….AHHHHH!!! #operationdefluff is underway and now that we have about 10 inches of snow, the warmth and sun sound even more amazing! Eeek and that is all folks.
Have a fan-tab-ulous week! 

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