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Motivational Monday #31


Welcome back to another Motivational Monday! I hope that everyone’s weekend was swell! We hung out with some friends and got some wedding things accomplished (its coming up so fast!).

Today’s Motivational Monday about what you can do for others.

I remember going to Starbucks once and as I got to the window to pay, the lady said “Oh the person in front of you actually payed for your drink”. Like WHAT?! I got a huge smile on my face and wanted to thank them but alas they were gone. I was in a great mood for the rest of the day. Turns out, quite a few people have done this for others in the past. And many people I know have been recipient of what is called Paying it Forward. With that being said, I have never done it for anyone else. So many times I find myself getting caught up in my own little world that I forget that everyone has their own stories and struggles. When I am going through a tough time or am in a bad mood, its incredible what a passing by smile (or even a Starbucks drink can do.

There is no real effort in just smiling at someone or providing a listening ear to someone.The next time you find yourself down or wanting to put a smile on someone’s face, look around. Notice the nature. Listen to the birds as they sing their songs. Get off your phone and just be. Pay for someone’s drink or food at the next place that you go. It may not seem like a huge thing to you, but you never know how its going to affect the next person.

You never know who around could use a smile or a kind word!

What do you do when you find yourself in a bad mood?

Have you ever been the recipient of a Pay It Forward/?

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