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Motivational Monday #24

Gooooood morning everyone! Hope everyone’s weekend was great! I worked on Saturday and then spent the rest of the day catching up on Once Upon a Time…all I gotta say is the Queen of Darkness! 🙂

Today’s Motivational Monday comes from my Caribou tea this morning (I had the tropical green tea with a shot of raspberry). I am not usually a fan of tea but I am trying to get out of my little box and try new things!

Each morning, regardless of how bad the day before was, is a blank canvas. A blank canvas for eating better, for working out, for taking action, for whatever you need it for! Each Monday we awake, the daunting task of the week is upon us, but if we look at each day as its own maybe the week will go by just a little bit faster. And just maybe, Mondays wont be so daunting anymore.

What did you do this weekend?

What do you need a blank canvas for?

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