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Motivational Monday #21

This past weekend, I was able to have a girl’s night with one of my favorites Amy. After working all day, it was just what I needed! The FH was out of town at a Bachelor party, so we decided to take full advantage. 🙂

While we made drinks, listened to music and talked I couldn’t help but feel happy. Happy that I had a great friend that we could talk about everything and not afraid of judgement. Happy that the FH and I can both be out without each other and enjoy ourselves. Happy that while distance is a factor, relationships can work out and grow, if you tend to them.

Why does this matter? While I was on theBERRY yesterday, I found this quote and felt like I had actually taken the time to stop and enjoy the happiness. Don’t get me wrong, I am usually happy. But actually taking some time to enjoy the little things that actually make us happy, I am guilty of not doing.

Plenty of times you hear the phrase, stop and smell the roses. But whats the point right? Why do we need to smell the roses? Because at some point there may be not more roses, or there are fewer roses, or your sense of smell may no longer be working. That is why we stop and smell the roses. To experience them and feel them while we can. 
The big picture? Experience life and the little joys.

What things bring you joy and happiness?

How often do you stop to enjoy the happiness?

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